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    Is Dark worth my very limited time, or should I just crack on with Stranger Things 2?

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    Probably Stranger Things out of the two, Dark is slower and (especially being subtitled) requires a lot of keeping track so is better watched quite quickly. I'll have completely lost track of what happened come season 2 lol

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    As a family, we've been watching Spy School (CITV show) and All Together Now.

    The latter is yet another singing show. The premise of this one is that contestants sing to a judging panel of 100 singing experts (oh and Geri Spice), who have to stand up if they enjoyed the performance.

    It was perfectly watchable and some good singers, our favourite of which won.

    It's hosted by Rob Beckett, whom I like, but find his Cockney accent grating.
    "Firtee free people stood aahhp!"

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    Breaking Bad. I watched up to Season 4 back in 2011 and never saw the final season so I've rewatched everything the last few weeks and now only have eleven eps to go. Feels weird seeing Season 5 over six years since I saw Season 4. Luckily, it's still great to watch and I really don't know how it's gonna end (my gut says not good...)

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    Northern Exposure is finally getting a home release with the original music/songs intact. Due to licensing issues previous releases have had library music instead ... which to a fan lingers over ever ep and really spoils it.

    I'll be buying the forthcoming blu set on the 19th and can't wait to watch it again (just need a spare 5000 minutes ).

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    The Keepers
    We've only watched the first two episodes of this seven episode documentary looking into the unsolved murder case of Baltimore Nun Cathy Cesnik in 1969. I intended to wait till we finished all seven episodes before writing my thoughts on this one but I think it'll be better to try and digest it in chunks as the developments throw up new avenues. Cathy went to the store one evening and never returned, her car found abandoned on the opposite side of the road from her apartment. Should would be found months later in some woodland with her body assaulted and her skull crushed on one side. The show isn't led by a presenter or narrator, it also doesn't present itself from Cathy's perspective or that of any potential suspects, instead it's led via interviews taken with those who knew her and were taught by her at the local Catholic school Cathy worked at. Some of these being co-workers and pupils at the school and some of them still investigating this cold case themselves nearing fifty years later.

    Episode one is pretty straight forward, it focuses on the circumstances leading up to Cathy's disappearance and a second case that occurred just four days later that mirrored these circumstances. As the episode draws to a close you're left with two main thoughts, the first being that one of the most dangerous common mindsets has always been this 20th century approach of 'it used to be safer in my day, you used to be able to leave your door open and you didn't get all the crime you get these days', yes you did. You had an utter s***storm of abhorrent behaviour that people simply didn't speak about so it was allowed to continue without end due to the lack of a growing light shining on it that we have now no matter how depressing constantly hearing about the depravity in the world is. The second thought is that you'll have seen enough crime stories in your life to get a distinct 'it was someone she knew' vibe. But the episode, as each one seems to, ends with the reveal that sets up the second episode: Claims of conspiracy and of a witness

    Given the straight forward nature of the first episode and the slight apathy claims of conspiracies bring up we were somewhat cold going into the second episode. It was an eye opener though, the episode moves away from the crime scene of the first episode and the possible second case and instead fully focuses on the other pupils of the Catholic School and its faculty. What follows is a stomach churning tale of the vilest acts and abuse both physically and mentally across a mass of individuals too great to be the result of people inventing it. It shines a dark light on the likely scale abuse had in the mid-1900's in Baltimore and by proxy the rest of the world in addition to the sadistic ways faith can be used against children. By the end it feels all to obvious that the identity, motive and methods of the killer is known and as to how the now likely correct claims of conspiracy play into it.

    That's where our interest is beginning to peak, there's still five episodes left meaning there's clearly a lot more to be answered and more dimensions to this that will likely undermine this seemingly open/shut case and why it wasn't so at the time.

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    Finally finished Breaking Bad. It was to be expected but the last season was very sombre, very brown and I hated the main gang in it, they weren't memorable like the characters in the previous eps, deffo nobody like Tuco here, it was all pretty depressing tbh, just a grim trip downhill, really. But just how do you end a series as consistently explosive as that?

    Will be going straight onto Better Call Saul tomoz, I like Saul's ratlike cheeriness, should be a nicer change of pace.

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    Better Call Saul is brilliant. I doubt it's getting record viewing figures but I'm glad Netflix keep investing.

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    Look forward to it, Season 4 being filmed right now so it's got some legs plus I hear it gets better and better.

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    While not been on tv for a long time

    Watched Police Squad and thought it was great, shame only had the one season but at least we got the Naked gun films


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