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    Films You Have Watched (2018)

    Just finished watching The Foreigner, starring Jackie Chan and Piers Brosnan and directed by Martin Campbell (Goldeneye/Casino Royale).

    I really enjoyed this and it was a lot deeper than the trailer suggested. On the surface, it's a revenge action film, but in reality, it's a political thriller with a few action scenes.

    Chan is great as a father after the names of the terrorists that planted the bomb that killed his daughter and Brosnan is the politician walking the fine line between collaborator and peace maker.

    Everybody is screwing over everyone else to get what they want and Chan's character is a fly in the ointment for them all.

    It was genuinely tense at times and I was on the edge of my seat. It's on Netflix and I recommend it.

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    I just watched 'The Walk' on Netflix, it's that trapeze movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

    It was cheesy and kinda bab (especially me knowing the denouement) but the main bod holds it together and becomes very likeable in the last hour.

    Ben Kingsley's presence is cringeworthy. He deserves a blast with a hammer to teh swede.

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    I've got this to watch in 3D, so I might try it tonight.

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    Ultraviolet on Netflix. Part of me thought "Is this really as bad as I remember?"
    The opening credits are wonderful. And the colour changing hair and clothes and tech ideas. The rest is garbage.

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    Is there a decent release of True Lies or is it just he vanilla disc?

    Looks like Cameron is "working on" the True Lies and The Abyss Blu-Rays.
    No rush, chief...
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    My overriding memory of True Lies is REALLY needing the loo. Kept on thinking it must end soon, but it went on for another half hour Had to make a break for it.

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    I watched Captain America Civil War last night. Has a lot of fun and some really cool bits but far too convoluted, bringing together plot and characters from both the Avengers films and Cap films as well as packing a bunch of new stuff in too, while never really fully paying it off. It was two films merged, one Avengers and one Cap. And neither quite as strong as they should have been. They didn’t fully commit to the Civil War concept, which is a shame because it’s done now. Should have been called Buddies Sparring. And on second watch, I still don’t buy character motivations which are core to the entire plot.

    But it’s entertaining and has some great sequences and is an enjoyable watch.

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    I watched Molloy's Game last night with a friend. An interesting film with good editing and performances. Its a little long and sometimes the main character's narration overstayed its welcome (I said to my friend that Molly Bloom doesn't need to explain everything you can as on-screen. That's why we're watching the film after all).

    Idris Elba was strong as always and I thought Jessica Chastain turned in a strong performance here. Kevin Costner was also good as Molly's demanding but ultimately caring father too.
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