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    I watched the new 4k remaster of Suspiria from Synapse Films. I've seen the film in numerous formats over the years and this is leaps and bounds over any, by such a long way. Every scene is beautiful to behold. Amazing work from Synapse. It's taken them a long time to complete but it's been more than worth the wait.

    Here's the restoration trailer to give you an idea of how it looks ...

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    Watched From Beyond on Netflix last night, haven't seen it since the VHS days...and it's still epic, plus pervy as hell to boot. Wish they made lurid, vivid nutzo movies like this these days!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    Just finished watching The Foreigner, starring Jackie Chan and Piers Brosnan and directed by Martin Campbell (Goldeneye/Casino Royale).

    I really enjoyed this and it was a lot deeper than the trailer suggested. On the surface, it's a revenge action film, but in reality, it's a political thriller with a few action scenes.

    Chan is great as a father after the names of the terrorists that planted the bomb that killed his daughter and Brosnan is the politician walking the fine line between collaborator and peace maker.

    Everybody is screwing over everyone else to get what they want and Chan's character is a fly in the ointment for them all.

    It was genuinely tense at times and I was on the edge of my seat. It's on Netflix and I recommend it.
    I watched it too and this sums the movie up for me as well. I like the fact that Chan plays a 60 year old man and shows it in the movie, itís not like his stuff when he was 20. Brosnan was great in this too with a vast departure from his normal swuarve role.

    Great stuff.
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    Glad you enjoyed it too, mate.
    An unexpected twisty treat.

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    Might watch it now, I thought this might be meh, I'll give it a chance this week.

    Watched the US Death Note movie with me ma tonight, it was kinda cool, I could sense it had had loads of stuff removed from the original due to the running time but it was decent, if a little confusing towards the end. Ace demon played by Willem Dafoe is toppa da notcha, just not in it enough!!! Also has a nice chunky decap near the start, this has some meaty gore in moments, it looks like practical effects as well.

    In essence it feels like a taster for the original anime...which I am definitely planning on watching as I like the concept and the demon is great.
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    Following Civil War, we watched Spider-Man Homecoming last night. My wife hadn’t seen it and declared it easily one of the best Marvel movies she has seen (she has seen all of them now). It is really enjoyable. Lots of heart, it has focus, humour, drama and some really cool sequences. And one of the best endings to any movie. The one thing it definitely has over almost any other Marvel movie is a good antagonist. Someone we can understand and related to. Keaton was superb.

    So yeah, a very good movie.

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    Just a shame Stark is such a knob.

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    The Accountant

    This was really good. Good story and great action. My one criticism is that they tried to do a bit too much in the 2 hours.

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    I am the pretty little thing that lives in the house.

    Wasn't really feeling it. I have no problem with arty films. My fave film ever is Fire Walk with Me, but this didn't seem to go anywhere or do anything that wasn't signposted in the first minute.

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    Me and our youngest have been working our way through all of the Harry Potter films. I was never drawn to Harry Potter back when it was fresh and new but when we started reading the books I really warmed to it. The film series starts out in a fairly conservative manner with the first two films, then slowly matures as the characters do, going to deeper and darker places. I think my fave in the series is probably Prisoner of Azkaban, with it's almost Universal horror vibe in places ... plus, Gary Oldman and David Thewlis are in it.

    As I said, I was fairly dismissive of Harry Potter back when the films were big news, championing the Lord of the Rings films as something far better, but they're not. Apart from the first one they haven't stood the test of time for me. Whereas, as a series of films the Harry Potter saga follows a really nice curvre, told thoroughly and unhurried. I've really enjoyed getting lost in them, sharing the journey with my boy


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