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    Died of boredom last night watching The Danish Girl. I am now dead.

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    Oh I really liked The Danish Girl. Was dragged to the cinema to watch it and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

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    Happened upon The Shawshank Redemption, even having seen it a million times it sucked me in again. Great movie.

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    Watched Alpha Papa again. I'm a pretty big fan of Partridge but didn't love AP when I first saw it ... then I recorded it over Christmas when looking for the new programme and just got round to watching last night it. Much better second time round. Colm Meaney is a genius piece of casting.

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    I watched Prevenge the other night. Just as darkly comic and twisted as you would expect from Alice Lowe. She's not only written and stars in this one but she has directed it too.

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    Just got to the The Lost Boys on the big screen. I love that movie so much. It was a real treat.

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    Watched this weekend while the Mrs is away...

    Get Out - went in completely blind on this one and glad I did. Figured out what was going on really early but brilliant movie nonetheless. Reminded me of an extra long black mirror episode.

    Blade Runner 2049 - Missed this at the movies as I knew my Mrs would hate it. Borrowed it on UHD 4K disc off a mate and used the Dolby Atmos app on Xbox One to try it out. Absolutely amazing from start to finish... As good as the original? Dunno, it's close but I can happily say it fits in nicely as a sequel and that's a rare thing these days.

    All in all a successful weekends viewing.

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    Starting watching The Punisher (series) on Netflix, well bored about fifteen mins into second ep so stuck Filth on instead.

    I read the book about twenty years back and remember the main character seeming not very James McAvoy-like, he's a great actor but I really didn't imagine the main geez in the original to be all good-looking and youthful, I instead read a disgusting, ravaged sleaze.

    It was unfilmable, anyway, and it's one of those Brit movies that likes to cover up its cracks with choonz it considers edgy in the same way Chris Evans thought he was edgy in the TFI Friday days. It's not great but if you haven't read the book at least it's mad enough to be fun, I still enjoyed watching it. And it has Frank Sidebottom in it.

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    Started off not liking it but was won over halfway through. 8/10

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    So last night I decided to watch A Cure for Wellness, quite ironic as the actual cure for wellness was to not watch this film.


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