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    Updated with what’s sold.

    I have Art of Fighting 3 on Japanese AES. I’d like Soccer Brawl and Top Hunter on Japanese AES... anyone want to work out a trade?

    Build your own USB / PS2 arcade stick wiring kit - full loom, usb/ps2 lead and encoder PCB £15 or a tenner if you buy something else.

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    Updated with what’s sold; Framemeister is gone as are PS2 games.

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    PlayStation games have gone to eBay...

    Someone must have a nice condition PAL Dreamcast to sell or trade, surely? Don’t care if the GD drive is dead or dying as long as the system is cosmetically good.

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    Minty PS3 console that’s certainly not been used as much as many. Very low mileage. I suppose it’s not really worth anything unless it’s capable of CFW...

    If you can tell from the serial #… is this one hackable? It’s on 4.82 currently.

    £75 shipped

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    Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator sealed PS4 now free if you spend over £40

    Power Stone Collection sealed PSP Essentials version free if you spend over £gone in Blue Room give-away.
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    Taito G-Net motherboard with compact flash adapter, flashing software and Teh Romz (inc. some ‘conversions’ like G-Darius) - £225 200 shipped in UK
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    Japanese AES

    Art of Fighting 3 - £475
    King of Fighters ‘98 inc. book - £200
    KoF ‘99 - £140
    KoF ‘00 - £185
    KoF ‘01 - £200
    KoF ‘02 - £375
    Miracle Adventure (Sealed) - £550
    Captain Tomaday (Conversion) - £160

    Prices include tracked shipping in the UK. Photos available on request. I would still like Soccer Brawl and Top Hunter if anyone wants to trade. Also after Alpha 3 on CPS2 for trade.

    If you think I’m vastly out on prices let me know. Deals available if you’re taking more than one game, or are a regularly posting active member.
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    Quote Originally Posted by _SD_ View Post
    I would still like Soccer Brawl and Top Hunter if anyone wants to trade.
    Not sure if you've seen these listings or if they're in the price range you're looking to pay but Soccer Brawl is here on eBay:

    and here for the English version:
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    Do you still have the game gear stuff?

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    Dragon’ Crown Pro - Battle Hardened Edition, cards are still sealed. Like new, £35 shipped


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