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    Thanks for the update.
    I love reading these posts. Saves me mooching around for the info.

    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    Fifty Shades Freed continued with its underwhelming climax
    Don't think this pun passed me by, mister!

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    I'm already finding Black Panthers success fascinating, it all seems to tie in to a perfect storm theory as it's so hard to otherwise fathom how it's outpacing the rest of the MCU so much.

    If I watched the Fifty Shades trilogy I'd feel exhausted, and not for the right reasons.

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    Maybe it's simpler to say black panther is getting the backing and support of the black community, I haven't seen it but I'm sure Marvel has a couple of message in there to ponder over

    I think it looks great and will get to see it eventually.

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    If I were to speculate, I think in the climate of a dozen Marvel movies or more, many of which are very similar, the trailers for Black Panther made it very visually striking which extended its reach beyond the Marvel faithful. The black representation and point of view is obviously a source of positive PR and what the film represents in that regard is clearly a huge strength - that is also drawing a lot of people who may not otherwise be drawn to Marvel movies. And yet it still looks like it has all the same stuff the Marvel fans like so it's not going to lose them in the process. They managed to hit it right on this one.

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    That'll be a careful balance that it'd be interesting to see if they can continue in future (though Marvels track record suggests the answer is yes). Panther is far from the first film to appeal to black communities yet it seems to be a lightning rod moment. I've read about the fact that it's because he's a super hero but then it becomes more about the profile of the film as black leads/cast in other roles like Blade, Black Lightning, Luke Cage etc haven't had any real traction in that area so the fact it's an MCU movie weighs in a lot but it's curious as to by how much.

    Given the rate of success as well, it's clear general audiences of other backgrounds are into it too (much more than Strange, Ant-Man etc or at this rate even Guardians) and yet so much of the film is quite generic from the storyline to the Panther himself who is mostly a watered down Captain America/Wolverine hybrid. It's less the success, more the extent of the success that makes the film an interesting case study

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    Well as is always the case, early success is less about the content of the movie itself (nobody going in knows much of it is quite generic - I haven't seen it so I don't know that either) and more about the marketing and the goodwill previous movies have built up.

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    The main marvel character is black, the black community wanted this movie made from the start and even the advertising push for the movie is quite unprecedented like I watch various TV shows and movies and in a couple of them the black family with children have black panther costumes

    Now I'm not saying that's just the black community as I bought my 4 year old a Disney black panther costume because it was cool

    Also TV show inside West Coast customs were given a lexus and told to convert it to a black panther car and it looked great apart from the mask on the bonnet

    But personally I feel its doing so well because the lead and by the looks of it most of the cast are black, please, no-one think this is racist as its just an observation

    And I know you have seen it and most marvel movies have a point about the planet, global warming and for me it's all about black power, which is great

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    I hope it does well as I prefer marvel movies which are a little different like ant man and Dr strange, especially looking forward to ant man and the wasp

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    That ties in with the thoughts in the MCU thread, hopefully the success the film has had leads to the sequel being bolder in finding its own approach and distinct branch within the MCU rather than falling within the usual MCU origin formula as it does currently.

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    The final official figures are in for Black Panther's opening 4 day weekend and the film succeeded in achieving the second highest 4 day opening of all time as well as the highest domestic Monday haul of all time.


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