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    Much is being said of Black Panthers achievement this weekend that saw it top $100m domestically in its second weekend, a feat that only three other films have ever accomplished. Yet, that also undersells how well the film is doing at the same time, all in all the film took last weeks circa $361 worldwide total and near doubled it to its new 10 day total of $701m. In doing so the film overtook the lifetime global takings of Thor, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor: The Dark World and Doctor Strange to become the tenth highest grossing entry of the currently officially recognised 18 entries. The film will be supported by its Japanese opening this coming weekend and so even if it see's a reasonable drop off it should surpass the lifetime takings of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor: Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 this week with possibly Spider-Man: Homecoming also under threat which would only leave the $1bn club.

    Peter Rabbit performed solidly, it's now on $71m total however it's non-domestic rollout has yet to start so it's looking promising for Sony.

    The imminently Netflix bound Annihilation saw it's US cinematic release open to $11m against its budget of $40m

    Whilst Fifty Shades Freed has begun to roll over a light a cigarette to the tune of $320m

    Whilst Jumanji 2 is finally bowing out, hitting $919m this week

    And Early Man doubled its takings but they sit on a mere $6.7m

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    Your favourite part of those posts is thinking up a Fifty Shades joke!

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    They won't stop until the film has completely emptied everything it's got

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    Black Panther should, at current pace, become the next MCU movie to enter the $1bn club within around a week as it has just passed $897m worldwide. The feat would make it the only solo character, non-sequel entry to do so.

    Jennifer Lawrence's Red Sparrow avoided being dragged down by weak reviews to take $49m million on opening which sets it up to at least pass its production budget

    The scathingly reviewed Death Wish remake took just $13m domestically on opening but only cost $30m to make so should hold its own.

    This week see's the US release of A Wrinkle of Time which if it does well, going off the trailers, will depress me greatly

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    Black Panther remained US number 1 for a fourth week, a feat no other MCU movie has ever accomplished. It's also broken the $1bn barrier. It's ascent has begun to slow down but it hasn't stopped it reaching $1.078bn, a figure which now see's it hold place as the fifth highest grossing MCU movie with around $80m to go until it overtakes Civil War. The film's total is proving an interesting one to dissect as the movie opened with strong results in China this week which have made up a chunk of this weeks earnings and offset some of the burn off. Overall, it holds the second highest domestic total for a superhero movie with overall takings close to 50/50 split between domestic and international. This means that the film is undoubtedly popular but massively less so outside the USA meaning the success of any sequel to this extent will likely continue to rest on how well the series can continue to resonate with US citizens.

    Disney's A Wrinkle in Time was this weeks big opener. The trailers suggested a car wreck and it turns out that wasn't wrong. Weak reviews led to a weak opening, the film sitting on $39m, coming in slightly below the reserved estimates. Reactions and takings mirrored that of Tomorrowland, that film stalled at a final total of $209m.

    The Strangers: Prey at Night, the sequel to the decade old original, opened to $10m which was on track with estimates.

    Whilst Red Sparrow is proving to be another Lawrence dud clawing its way to $82m this week.

    This week focus will be on Tomb Raider

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    Some Thursday news...

    Black Panther has now passed the $1.1bn marker and in doing so is just days away from passing Captain America: Civil War to become the fourth highest grossing MCU entry of all time.

    And now some Thursday fun...

    Marvel Cinematic Universe VS DC Cinematic Universe Chronology Battle

    01 - Iron Man VS Man of Steel

    Production Budget: $140m vs $225m
    Final Takings: $585m vs $668m

    02 - The Incredible Hulk VS Batman v Superman
    Production Budget: $150m vs $250m
    Final Takings: $263m vs $873m

    03 - Iron Man 2 VS Suicide Squad
    Production Budget: $200m vs $175m
    Final Takings: $623m vs $746m

    04 - Thor VS Wonder Woman
    Production Budget: $150m vs $149m
    Final Takings: $449m vs $821m

    05 - Captain America VS Justice League
    Production Budget: $140m VS $300m
    Final Takings: $370m VS $657m

    MCU Combined Production Budget: $780 million
    MCU Combined Takings: $2.29 billion

    DCU Combined Production Budget: $1.10 billion
    DCU Combined Takings: $3.76 billion

    MCU Total Takings Budget Deducted: $1.51 billion
    DCU Total Takings Budget Deducted: $2.66 billion

    It's an interesting overview in light of the criticism the DCU receives regarding its box office failure, a picture that doesn't align with the common thread of thought that nearly every film loses Warners a fortune. It's a much more complicated picture than this but it paints a broad stroke of where the two are at during the same infancy stage. There are a lot of factors that work against these figures such as inflation, how much weight is applied to character pre-existing popularity etc but then there are factors that work in favour such as related merchandise takings, unrelated merchandising takings, sponsorship agreements, home release takings etc.

    In either case it's hard to imagine that Warners is aggressively planning to continue the DCU if it truly was losing money at a high rate. It's much more likely that the critical response to the entries and like-for-like comparisons with the entries Marvel is releasing now is what fuels vitriol but if you were taking a long term approach to them, the one Marvel used successfully, it's not hard to see why Warners would still be happy for the DCU to continue.

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    It's become no secret that Black Panther's huge success is easily led by its domestic popularity. That popularity has this week seen it remain at the top spot for a fifth week and pass $600m, the first film since Avatar to do so. The films total tally passed $1.182bn as well which means it's passed the total takings of Civil War and should take down Iron Man 3 this week though it's definitely started to slow pace quickly at last.

    Tomb Raider opened to international takings of $126m. The total was reasonable considering the budget so much will rest on how well it holds in the coming weeks.

    Though there's still lots to come in, A Wrinkle in Time burned like oil laced fields in its second week. The massive flop barely nudged up and sits on $71m.

    Jumanji 2 crawled across broken glass to reach $939m and is now a mere $3.4m away from beating Spider-Man as the highest grossing domestic release Sony has ever had.

    This weekend will see the first release of Pacific Rim: Uprising

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    While interesting, the Marvel/DC takings comparison is largely pointless as it doesn’t account for context. The early stages of the MCU were hamstrung by the absolute ****E that blighted associations with comic book movies beforehand. For every moderate success, there was a load of rubbish which dragged the concept of a superhero movie franchise down. Audiences were sceptical. I know I was. I didn’t go to see anything in the MCU until Ultron.

    DCU benefits from riding on the coat tails of good will generated by the MCU - which has provided consistently good entries that are streets ahead of the rubbish masquerading as comic book films in the past.

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    There are definitely various aspects that differentiate the two when doing comparisons in the way it's done above. Though lower in takings the MCU films are arguably still a greater success because of how little value to the public the characters held compared to the global popularity of DC's heroes. Though it still shows how DC's entries failures in earnings has less to do with them not making money and more to do with them not making as much as they should have given the bigger names involved.

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    It took until it's sixth week in the charts but Black Panther finally lost his throne:

    To Pacific Rim: Uprising. The sequel to the original release that just about avoided bombing was launched into cinemas with a new cast and brighter look, the film opening solidly falling in line just a little behind the original. However, a key note is that it opened out the gate in China where almost half the takings came from. The original opened later leading to a suggestion Uprising could tale off fast in the coming weeks if it's not careful.

    Not that Black Panther struggled though. In the last week it became the highest grossing superhero film domestically of all time. It now stands on $1,237bn having overtaken Iron Man 3. This places it as the third highest grossing MCU movie. It has a fair way to reach the two Avenger movies however. It'll be interesting to see how close it gets in the remaining weeks its on screen.

    In its second week Tomb Raider stalled hard domestically which would raise a lot of concerns however international is saving it at the moment and it rose to $211m meaning compared to its sub-$100m budget it's now going to be in the profit margin so the door to Rise isn't closed yet.

    It's a relatively quiet week ahead though some markets will start to receive Ready Player One


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