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    MCD2: Movie Chart Discussion

    In the words of Tony Stark, clean slate protocol. New year, new thread as we follow the good and bad fortunes of the years movie releases.

    Sony have been after a hit of their own for a very long time and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is delivering that in spades.

    The $90m movie is now up to a total of $519m gross which means you can definitely expect more movies in the series going forward.

    Next up, Insidious 4: The Last Key. I'd expected this to fare poorly given the move a January release and its low key launch but it managed to outpace the third entry to deliver the second biggest opening of the franchise. Made for just $10m, the film opened to $49m with more openings yet to happen.

    Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi opened in China this week and continued the pattern of decline that market has shown for the franchise earning less that Rogue One's opening. However the numbers added to its international tally and has taken the film to being the thirteenth highest grossing of all time with $1.205bn worldwide. By the end of this coming week it will enter the top 10 list where only Avengers holds more than one spot to its franchise.

    Meanwhile, Kingsman: The Golden Circle had its japanese late launch which took the film up to $400m worldwide. This total is now just less than $14m from matching the first film.

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    I've started to become morbidly interested in watching...

    Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle which is proving quite the hit having sat on top of the heap once again rising to $666m worldwide this week.

    Insidious 4: The Last Key had quite a steep drop which is typical of the genre but is days from overtaking the original film and now only $20m from catching up from the two sequels so seems to be performing in line with its stablemates.

    The surprise of the week went to an existing release with Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi which saw a steeper than expected drop as over a thousand cinemas screens were dropped to make way for other releases. As a result its new total sits at $1.264bn which means the film has entered the top ten earners of all time but it failed to overtake as much as was expected and the trajectory of the film seems to cement that it's likely to fall within the typical Billion Dollar Club takings rather than get anywhere near Force Awakens total.


    It cemented its position as the most successful horror film of all time by settling into its final resting place having just eeked past the total earnings mark of $700m worldwide

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    Jumanji 2 continues its rapid ascent and now sits on $767m

    Whilst The Last Jedi reached $1.296bn which nudged it up a slot in the all-time top ten earners even if the slow down continued. Ultimately the time seems likely to fall within the usual $1.5-6 bell curve Top Tenners hit.

    Insidious 4 overtook the previous entries final total and now sits quite close to the second films tally meaning future entries are looking very assured.

    This coming week is quiet again with only Maze Runners final entry of any note.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    This coming week is quiet again with only Maze Runners final entry of any note.
    The Maze Runner has totally passed me by. How many films are there? Are they worth watching?

    I saw The Hunger Games was popular and then I think all the major studios wanted their version of it. Maze Runner, The Giver, Divergent and so on. None of which were as popular.

    I dismissed THG as a Battle Royale clone (with loads of other influences from Soylent Green to Children of Men.
    In turn, Battle Royale was influenced by King's The Running Man!

    I saw the first THG and it was passable with awful, awful shakycam every time Catnip did anything with dramatic music in the background.
    Spoilered to avoid fits:

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    Maze Runner saw a 25% drop on its previous entry but still opened solidly enough to position it well to ultimately be a profitable finale for the franchise after opening worldwide on $105m

    Jumanji 2 rose again to $822m worldwide which included the film overtaking Spider-Man Homecoming in terms of domestic gross takings for Sony. It also passed Spider-Man 3 for the same achievement making it the third highest grossing domestic release of all time for Sony. It also overtook Spider-Man 1 internationally making it Sony's fifth highest grossing movie of all time.

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    Another weekend down and the box office continues to pour love on Sony's Jumanji

    Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle soared up to $855m worldwide this weekend and still has another weekend to milk before Marvel wipes the slate clean with its first offering of the year. The film has now surpassed the global earnings of Thor: Ragnarok

    Maze Runner: The Death Cure is now at $182m confirming it will have a profitable final run

    The biggest releases this weekend are the final Fifty Shades movie and Peter Rabbit.

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    Fifty Shades Freed sadly opened large enough to push the film straight into profit and over the $1bn mark but was once again hugely down on the previous entry as the poorly received series draws to a close.

    Whilst Peter Rabbit had its first release with the domestic launch that opened a little ahead of expectations with $25m.

    Jumanji 2 continued to have incredible staying power and barely slowed as it reached $881m worldwide. The film is now a lock for passing the $900m mark and Sony has been quick to line up a home release for next month given the film sudden stop seems likely this week.

    This coming weekend see's lamb to the slaughter release Early Man from Aardman Animation whilst the juggernaut release is the first major tentpole of 2018, Black Panther

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    I feel bad for Aardman they never seem to do great at the box office overseas, pirates was a great film and had me laughing out loud in places, but then i was a fan of the books, but the film bombed in a big way everywhere except the uk so we never got a sequel.

    “I should say we’d reach England by Tuesday or thereabouts, with a decent wind behind us. It would be a lot quicker than that if we could just sail straight there, but I was looking at the nautical charts, and there’s a dirty great sea serpent right in the middle of the ocean! It has a horrible gaping maw and one of those scaly tails that looks like it could snap a boat clean in two. So I thought it best to sail around that.’

    FitzRoy frowned. ‘I think they just draw those on maps to add a bit of decoration. It doesn’t actually mean there’s a sea serpent there.’

    The galley went rather quiet. A few of the pirate crew stared intently out of the portholes, embarrassed at their Captain’s mistake. But to everyone’s relief, instead of running somebody through, the Pirate Captain just narrowed his eyes thoughtfully.

    That explains a lot,’ he said. ‘I suppose it’s also why we’ve never glimpsed that giant compass in the corner of the Atlantic. I have to say, I’m a little disappointed.”
    It was shame they couldnt put in bits like when they invent Pop up pirate, and try it for real only to open the barrel to find a pirate covered in stab wounds.
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    Marvel's Black Panther was the first major tentpole release of the year and it cut into the box office like a knife through warm butter. It's opening worldwide takings of $361m represented the fifth highest grossing opening of all time, a figure seemingly bolstered by the films ability to appeal to ethnic audiences that haven't previously engaged with MCU to this level with African-American audiences achieving a 37% attendance rate rather than the MCU average of 15%. The film still has a solid number of major markets to open at in the next fortnight which will offset any usual drop off so the film currently stands as the 17th highest grossing film out of 18 (beating Incredible Hulk) and should overtake Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor and possibly Ant-Man at the least by the end of this coming weekend.

    Peter Rabbit seems to be a hit too taking $48m against a $50m budget, that total coming just from its domestic launch so it's a strong start

    Fifty Shades Freed continued with its underwhelming climax seeing the usual second week drop off meaning audiences weren't holding back. The film is now at $266m

    Blowing minds around the world, Jumanji 2 passed the $900m milestone this weekend despite the competition to reach $904m. It's domestic total is now the second highest of all time for Sony with just Spider-Man standing above it. It's likely going to fall just shy of that achievement considering Panthers release and the impending home release.

    Aardman Animation continues to plough its own path, rather than make a W&G sequel, with Early Man. It had its domestic opening this week gaining a paltry $3m. Their films are usual internationally led though this first opening was below Shaun the Sheep so suggests they're at risk of having their first sub-$100m total release.

    This week there's nothing troubling to the charts coming out with Annihilation being the biggest film so Black Panther should confidently take the crown again.

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    Eyes were firmly on Black Panther's four day tally yesterday as for a moment it seemed it may actually challenge The Force Awakens record breaking tally. In the end the film didn't get up to that level but it did achieve the fifth highest 4 day total of all time passing Jurassic World, a film that went on to earn $1.6bn. It's also notable because the film didn't just also surpass the entire earning total of Captain America: The First Avenger in those 4 days, it's opening (if it maintained the same pacing as JW) would potentially see it end a run in the region of $1.6-1.7bn which would make it the single most successful Marvel Cinematic Universe entry ever made.

    We'll see how it's holding up to repeat business next Monday but even if it wasn't yet to open in multiple major markets and suffered a global 50% drop off in business it would decimate at least four more MCU movies earnings by the end of this weekend.


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