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    GCD2: Games Chart Discussion

    Another new year, new start thread and we open with Sony crowing about the continued dominance of the PS4 over the competition.

    Sales of the current Playstation remained incredibly strong in 2017 and sharply rose the total userbase up to 73.6m units. Out of that number just over 20m came from 2017 alone. This means that this year it will overtake the PS3's total lifetime sales and should be positioned very strongly to pass the fabled 100m marker sometime next year.

    Stacking that against what's known of the other two consoles sales:

    Playstation 4 - 73.6m units
    Xbox One - Est. 30m units
    Nintendo Switch - 10m units

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    Wall street analyst predictions that 'Player interest in Activision Blizzard's "Destiny 2" is dropping, which will hurt the game publisher's add-on revenue this year, one Wall Street firm predicts':

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    Monster Hunter World has enjoyed the most successful UK launch of any MH release yet. It opened at number 1 in the UK chart with similar success being enjoyed by Dragon Ball Fighters at number 2.

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    With some time left to go Nintendo has now confirmed that Switch has outsold the lifetime sales of the WiiU already having sold 14.86m units worldwide. Mario Odyssey is the systems highest selling game having already passed 9m units followed by Mario Kart 8 Deluxe then Zelda. Splatoon 2 has now outsold the first game too.

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    Sony have updated their shipment figures for PS4 which along with Nintendo gives us an new current shipment tally of the current gen:

    Stacking that against what's known of the other two consoles sales:

    Playstation 4 - 75.6m units
    Xbox One - Est. 36m units
    Nintendo Switch - 14.86m units

    The suggestion is that all three systems saw large uplifts in November especially MS with the launch of the XBX, though MS was unable to maintain that uplift in December unlike its two rivals. Merely reflecting on the trajectories of each format it seems highly likely now that by the end of this year PS4 will have overtaken lifetime sales of the PS3 with the fabled 100m marker on its horizon, Xbox One will potentially cement itself for a solid run though one that will lock out reaching the success the 360 enjoyed and the Switch may well have overtaken the Cube and N64 lifetime sales before it gets to its second birthday.

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    Switch has now sold 700,000 units in the UK. This figure adds us to a list of places Switch has passed lifetime sales of WiiU

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    Activision Blizzard made over $4 billion in in-game/microtransaction rev this year (out of $7.16B)

    Alternative link: Activision Blizzard posts record quarter, full-year results

    • Record full year results for Activision Blizzard
    • Claims from ResetEra that over half of that (over $4bn) came from microtransactions/in-app purchases although I would assume that include things like WoW subscriptions. That said this might stop people claiming Activision don't make much from Overwatch Lootboxes.
    • Revenue from console and PC games down by single percentage figures, mobile up.

    Obviously first link taken from ResetEra

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    Big business, they just need to iron things out and they're quids in. CoD is quite elegant in its handling of microtransactions for the most part, Destiny 2 though, they need to avoid those instances.

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    They are already quids in! It is their best year ever in terms of revenue.

    Although personally I wouldn't call a game putting advantage giving weapons in a lootbox; 'quite elegant'...

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    True, it's not perfect with CoD but the vast majority is cosmetic and they've managed to avoid the kind of shambles EA walked into


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