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Thread: Splatoon 2

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    No, I don't think I have either. I'd rather the spoils be shared evenly between both teams rather than artificially fixing drawn matches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zen Monkey View Post
    No, I don't think I have either. I'd rather the spoils be shared evenly between both teams rather than artificially fixing drawn matches.
    I'd be willing to bet Nintendo have the telemetry to know how many matches it has affected. I have probably played hundreds of games of Splatoon, and only had a close enough finish maybe 2-3 times out of that, so in the grand scheme of things I doubt it matters.

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    I wanted to write this post for quite some time, I have a few spare minutes so here I go.

    Splatoon 2's Octo Expansion is built around self-contained challenge rooms that really owe a lot to Breath Of The Wild. There are physics.based puzzles but are a minority; when physics are involved it's usually about doing something with a giant 8-ball (roll it to the goal, play tic-tac-toe, shoot it across gates with a limited amount of ink) while other stages are built around a variety of tasks: do something with a limited amount of ink, kill all enemies within a time limit, collect all items on a rotating structure, and of course boss fights. So far I've only met two and unfortunately they are simple remixes of existing Splatoon 2 bosses; with 80 or so new, tricky, and inventive stages Nintendo should have gone the extra mile and design new bosses as well.

    Progression isn't linear but if you follow the intended path stage complexity ramps up rather nicely, and if you get stuck on one you can pay Pearl and Marina to hack into the system and register the stage as completed. Completing a stage not only gives you some money (used to pay access to other stages) and Mem Cakes, that right now are only collectibles: stages are arranged on tube lines below Inkopolis, and getting all Mem Cakes on a line will prompt one of the few NPCs in this weird subterranean transport system to give you some extra cash. Stages can be replayed to grind for money should later stages drain your reserves and most of them can be tackled with three different weapon sets.
    The goal of this campaign isnt' to beat all stages but collect four trinkets spread around the tube lines; the final reward is getting Octolings available in multiplayer matches. I've currently collected one trinket but to be honest I'm not really aiming for those and I'm rather focusing on completing as many stages as possible, they offer a good challenge without being too frustrating. Some of the later stage did prove quite demanding but so far I've never caved in and asked Pearl and Marina for help.
    I'm playing in handheld mode only and one thing I can say is that some stages require a bit too much waving of the Switch around, especially on the vertical axis; other than that the game runs beautifully smooth and the intentive puzzles really make the stages fun.

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    Is this a good game for kids too? Is there a co-op mode against bots where me and my kids (age 7) could play together? Never played Splatoon before. Looks slightly complicated on closer inspection. What you think?

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    You'd need 1 console and 1 game per person to play together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hudson View Post
    Oh no split screen? Ok cheers
    Yeah, no split-screen at all.

    The original game had a limited two-player mode, but that was using the TV for one person and the WiiU gamePad for the other, and it was a very basic mode which didn't really get the best of the game.

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    Can't believe they expect to buy 2 console. Still a decent game? Never played them. Looks good on videos. Fun. How accessible is it for kids?

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    Very accessible and very fun. I've just been sidetracked from it for the...last...year...

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