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Thread: Splatoon 2

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    Splatoon 2

    Don't forget it's Splatfest this weekend. I enjoy Splatfest. It's the only time I pvp. Had hoped the recent massive update would get me back into playing pvp regularly, but it didn't. I still play Salmon Run loads though. Anyway, all these words are nowt but dressing for a picture I wanna show:

    That's right. Quantum mechanics's being mentioned, baby! Jewboi is a kindred spirit. And top dude. Or lass. A top person!

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    What's the topic of the Splatfest?

    ... And what team is Marina on?

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    It's action film v comedy film. Dunno which lass Marina is or what team she's on, soz.

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    Finally manged it. Finally managed 100+ golden eggs. I've been trying for ages. Nice to see the game acknowledge the achievement with new dialogue too.

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    I played 4 or 5 times a week for 8 months straight (literally hundreds of hours play) to get that score, all so that one day you folk on here would say "hey, man, you're the best" or "your talent is godly" or call me 'Mr Skillz' yet nobody has said anything of the sort. Or indeed anything at all. I dunno why I bother.

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    Love the close matches. I always feel that I made the difference. That last kill I made, that last squirt of ink on the ground, it tilted the scales and won the match. But, of course, everybody else is thinking the same thing: that they made the difference!

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    One thing which is interesting is how close matches on Splatoon are believed to be randomised by some players - like somewhere in the region of 0.6% is just a dice roll to ensure there are never any ties. Apparently this can be observed if you start a game and everyone quits or otherwise doesn't actually ink any of the level; you end up with a score of ~0.4% vs 0.6%, even though both numbers should be zero.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zen Monkey View Post
    So you can't get draws?
    No, at least, that seems to be the consensus. I've certainly never had one despite some very close games.


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