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    Just wondering - Is anyone going back to D1 after the disappointment of D2?

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    Been on a few times to mess around and do some random stuff. Itís still awesome.

    Though, I would not be surprised at all if Bungie didnít try and turn the servers off soon on D1, just as a final self inflicted nail in the coffin that is their reputation.

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    This is on the Humble Monthly Bundle next month and available as the early unlock @ $12 - I normally get the early unlock so I thought I'd take a look and I'm actually quite enjoying the gun play. Not sure I like the weapon groupings compared to D1 as I always played the long range game with the sniper rifles, which they've gimped with D2. There's still the bullet sponge aspect to it, but at least where you hit impacts on damage done. Overall though, I'm having fun with it and it's one of the best optimised PC games I've ever seen, 4K 60 FPS no problems on my PC rig.

    I don't like that I need yet another launcher installed on the PC, but I reckon this is worth a look for the $12 asking price

    (you could always put in my referrer code if you decide to grab it add "?refc=J02yGK" to the URL - I've not directly linked it)

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    Does this include the Warmind dlc that hits tomorrow?

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    No, it's just the vanilla game from what I can see - I imagine they've gone to Humble Bundle to try a push a few more DLC sales.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartyG View Post
    No, it's just the vanilla game from what I can see - I imagine they've gone to Humble Bundle to try a push a few more DLC sales.
    Well makes sense. Even still, $12 is well worth it. You can then pick up the season pass a bit later on the cheap once the hype has died down on that too.

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    I'm looking forward to Warmind. I know nothing about the campaign other than having watched the cinematic. The new Escalation Protocol public event sounds interesting.

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    Anyone else playing? Frame rate is shocking on PS4 pro, seems about 24-28fps, not the smooth 30fps it was before this update. Itís very noticeable and very s**t.
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    Well another half baked half arse bit of content from bungie. It was so appalling short i didn't even know id completed it, such was the impact the story had, i literally thought i was running though the prologue missions before the story proper started.

    Think i've had enough of bungie, i'm done.
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    I noticed the frame rate had taken a hit. Sometimes when I'm sprinting, I can't get my chara to turn as it's so erratic.

    I've finished the story too, at least I think I have. I hadn't played for months and went from 317 to 340 in about ten minutes.

    I'm doing the Ana Bray quests now, but I'm not holding out much hope of the whole thing lasting me two weeks tops.
    Kept you waiting, huh?


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