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    I’m at 346 now. I’ve got the Sleeper Simulant finally, so I can concentrate on raising my light to over 350 now.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishbowlhead View Post
    I’ve been enjoying loop of public events, finding the data caches and looking for the data things you have to shoot. Some of them are positively devious in their location.

    Just got eh winters wolf auto rifle, what a gun.

    On the flip side of that. Heroic strikes are near on impossible right now.
    Nar you just need to use cover and play to the strikes strengths, take Savathun's Song, you'd think with void burn this would be near on impossible ogres spewing out void shot that killl's you in seconds, a boss that has void tracking shots that hit like a truck, and a strike debuff that halves your shield and energy. Nope we kicked that strikes arse and it actually felt pretty good to have content that is actually decently hard.

    We ran the leviatan raid again on normal last night as every part gives you an item that has a chance to level you up, it was nice that it was relevant again and it was down pretty quick, it felt good to be raiding again and have a reason to do so. on to prestige next hopefully.
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    I simply ended up switching to Sentinal in the end and spamming the bubble. Good old bubble

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    Up to the final stage of the Sleeper quest. Did the cache nodes & escalation protocol in one epic push last night.

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    After a couple of months off D2 I have to say this DLC has drawn me back in substantially. Not sure it will last as the gunplay, despite the improvements, still doesn't hit D1 levels for me, skills, weapons slots etc. The loot grind is still too cosmetic.

    The new zone is fun to mess about in, EP is ok (the limited mechanics hamper it for me a bit), story was too short, raid lair is rather good. Enjoying the light grind again, although not for much longer with my toons at 379-381 already (cap of 385...380 light plus +5 mods).

    A decent enough end to the already paid for season pass. Bungie will need to do more though to entice me to stick with D2 come September. More than just all the promised features that will be returned to the game in September.

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    Youíve hit the hard cap already? Thatís ridiculous, no wonder people are constantly moaning thereís nothing to do.

    -Iíve done the sleeper simulant.
    -All data nodes for exotic sword & sparrow.
    -Half way through the exotic scout.

    I wonít be buying any more expansions for this or bungie games full stop anymore. Their constant ďwell fix it in the future, just buy the next expansionĒ loop has left a very bitter taste in my mouth and Iím fed up of it, along with the they way they do things, especially D2 as a game designed to sell you back all you had in D1, itís pretty outrageous.

    With no raid weapons to chase Iíve not even bother with the 2 raid lairs, lazy cop out excuses for a raid they are.

    Hanging up my guardian.
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    I didn't even power level as best I could!

    Bungie still haven't got the balance right with end game loot. I agree that raids should have the best loot (LL, perks etc), but if you raid, you jump LL too fast. A normal Leviathan will net you, with keys, at least 7 powerful LL drops (castellum, 4x encounters, challenge, at least 1 exotic from the 3 key chests), then do prestige for another 6, then the eater for another 4, 17+ drops in 3 hours. (The new one has 5 guaranteed, so come Sept that could be an easy 22+ powerful drops for 4 hours play).

    Try the lairs for fun! Definitely fun to be had with both.

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    why Are their are no weapons or Armour to chase in the raid lairs, could it be that each new seasons Armour is being held back for eververse and stuck behind a slow grind or silver purchase. when you look back at destiny one dlc's Crota and the prison of elders has armour and weapons so how come we have nothing really to chase on the raid lairs.

    take The Vex Armour that was plonked in eververse when the curse of Osiris came out that would have fitted perfectly with the vex inspired raid lair likewise the forge weapons all looked like they had been ripped right out of the raid lair, what with them all being vex inspired.

    The forge made no sense whatsoever and kind of felt like an afterthought to bolster the grind and give the dlc something more to do, surely lighthouse weapons should all be Egyptian styled like trials style weapons! not the cobbled together vex things that we collected.
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    This is why I’ve had enough of it. It’s a constant cycle of cutting, pasting, making less, making worse, broken promises and outright deception from bungie.

    They had the bennefit of the doubt with D1 and managed to get to a decent place with it in the end, not before charging us all for the privilege of course. Ok fair enough, dev time and development is expensive, I had my fun out of it and some amazing times raiding, truly some of my best online experiences in D1 raids.

    D2 seems like an entire game made specifically to generate maximum profits from that same goodwill cycle, this time though it’s so blatantly obvious that they may as well send you an empty box with an envelope in it saying "post cash to this address, own stamp required".

    I’m fed up with it personally.
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    So got above the required level for escalation protocol yesterday, entry to it is 360+ recommended with it going up to 380 recommendation when you get it to level 7, the idea is you take on harder and harder waves of enemy's followed by a tank of a boss that requires everyone to be on their game.

    Their is not much room for error and unless you beat lvl 3 you get zero rewards from it too, The first boss is an ogre and normally you have plenty of time to kill him, unless that is someone pops the valkarie flame spear thing early and uses it to kill adds, this happened to us on the second boss and we got super close to killing him but we hadent gone into the final battle with enough time really.

    More people showed up and we went in again this time we got to the ogre super quick and he was decimated with plenty of time to spare, we got through the wizards preceding stages quicker too, and killed him with seconds to spare. we where in uncharted territory now mini ogres wizards, exploding thralls, all seemed to run at us with massive health bars pushing us the the brink, but we pushed back and got to a giant tank of a knight that we hit with everything we had. Rockets Valkyries, and supers from nine people all hitting this thing with everything we had. It was like the craziest firework show you've ever seen absolute carnage and just as the timer was about to expire he fell, we'd done it we'd got to the first tier of rewards.

    With anticipation i approached the chest what wonders would we be given for clinging on to this battle by the skin of out teeth after all this is end game content, didn't Bungie say that this event would give us unique gear and Armour, with a hold down of square i was fully prepared for the bounty's of out fight to rain down on us, here it was my reward for pushing through this battle, and beating hundreds of enemy's and the tankiest bosses a public event has ever seen.

    ONE ****ING MARS TOKEN!!!!!!!!!!
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