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    Fortnite (Battle Royale)

    Up until last night, I did not realise that the free-to-play Battle Royale mode in this is a last-man-standing PUBG-ish type game. Not owning a powerful enough PC or XboxOne to run PUBG, I downloaded this last night in hope it fill the void.

    After a few goes, dying and watching the skills over users that had killed me (one guy I watched win), I came away with a few thoughts.

    Firstly, I need to practice (obviously). Watching users build towers like bob the builder on speed was disheartening. Where the hell am I going to learn how to even do that? I couldn't see a practice area for this. It seems the only way is to keep playing and work on that type of skill in game like some kind of nut ball who has his priorities all wrong. I was hoping that building structures wasn't going to be needed much in this mode, but after watching the last remaining users fight it out, it seems that building tall forts is a good tactic.

    Do any of you guys play this? What do you think of it? (I know, you probably already said in a now evaporated past thread ).

    Am I too late to the party and therefore everyone is just going to kill me dead?

    I did enjoying it, but there seem to be no time for learning the controls and stuff.

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    Their is a co-op mode that is like a scavenger tower defense FPS, that is all about loot and progressing and leveling your characters. It was down to 15 recently and it's very fun. This is probably where these builders built there skills as its a really easy to build massive buildings quickly once you know how. The co-op mode is split into scavenge, build and defend sections, and is great fun defending your makeshift base from hordes of zombies and monsters. its a very different beast to the pubg mode though.
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    The main game mode which you pay for has the tutorial for building things, maybe just watch some youtube videos.

    Basically you can edit a built part or you can create the template before you place it.
    You have a 3x3 grid and depending on which part's you highlight/unhighlight you get a different type of structure/panel.

    The ones most commonly used are the different heights of walls, a wall with a door or window and a couple of different types of staircase.

    Here is a quick guide to the layouts

    L stairs and U-stairs are also useful if you are building inside another building.
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    Sadly the thread on this got deleted with the purge which was mainly Charles(xbox) and i(on ps4) talking about the seasonal updates and occasional patches.

    Best thing to do learning the ropes is to chut out to the edge of the map and aim for house roofs, there's decent range of houses along the North of the island which few people go to unless the bus has passed directly over it, you'll get a enough time to earn the basics, break trees down and just build, ignore the timer until the wall starts moving and the move in. The tactic for building i would learn first would be straight up wall defense when being shot at, stick up some vertical walls if they're at distance away, ammo is limited and specially at the start it a good tactic to let them waste it on shooting the walls, if someone want to close you down or your doing the chasing use the stairs and run up it while running away/to as it keeps you moving and offers you a hard target to hit.

    Duos is another good way to learn, Charles plays on xbox so you could team up him and get shown the ropes.

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    Thanks guys. The Standard Founder's pack is 16.49 on the PS store. Worth A pop?

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    It'll be free once it's ready. I've not played Save The World - my son has been playing it with a friend. Looks pretty frantic.

    I've not bothered learning to build and still won a few times in Solo. Probably would have won more if I built more. My son is one of those ninja builders - watching him put stuff up is amazing. Metal round the outside, wood inside (stairs and stuff). Elaborate corner things.

    Basic defence is to throw up a wall in the direction of incoming fire, walk backwards and make a staircase up to your wall. Less target to hit while you look over the top.

    Building really tall stuff is ok until someone shoots out the bottom and everyone dies At one point, people were building mega stairs while the cloud comes in, so no one can see the bottom, so you had these people up in space winning the games because no one saw them sniping up there. Didn't take long for people to cotton on to looking up near the end of the game though.

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    Ha. Good to hear you stand a chance even if you stay in the tree shadows.

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    A shadow under tree works well if you ask me, works even better with a silenced pistol

    also this insane building nonsense between to good players, do an impression of "Relativity" (though it on PC with a mouse, as i'd struggle to build even a 1/4 of that speed with controller)

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    Now I haven't been playing a lot. Maybe 6 games since I posted last. I have yet to kill a single soul. Slightly embarrassing.

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    Easiest kills are the mop ups, run toward gun shots, if you get there and the fight is still going on, hide till there's a victor and jump them once they go for the rewards, or try kill stealing


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