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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobal View Post
    Easiest kills are the mop ups, run toward gun shots, if you get there and the fight is still going on, hide till there's a victor and jump them once they go for the rewards, or try kill stealing
    Itís the classy thing to do.

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    Haha. So don't sky dive to safety, get to the fart of the battle and be like...

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    So accurate to the fortnite experience

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    Watched that video a few times now. Pretty amazing

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    Amusing (to me) kill for me, my thought process.

    1)run towards care package, hope to ambush some sucka
    2)get ambushed myself, run off after setting up protective walls
    3) attempt to boobytrap the floor but it won't stick..
    4)attempt to hide is small bush... to small, will definitely be seen
    5)peek over the crest to see my attackers up to.. oh cool there building and not paying attention
    6)creepy underneath building and wait to pouce..
    7)realise the bugger is going customise the stairs to come through to me, and get ready to...

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    Todays update is pretty large, basically the west of the map is almost totally new, not sure on the east as i've not drop out there yet but the map looks the same... also changed alot of the colouring for the grass and trees so you know what area you're in.

    New buildings i've seen so far is a sport gyms, motel and mini set of skyscrapers.

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    Tried three matches of this last night (BR) and found it hard to put a handle on coming from PUBG. I like the visual style and it immediately feels like a lot of the issues of the PUBG ground level experience are better here as it's so much more polished. At the same time though it does other things much worse than PUBG as well. I need to spend more time with it but the small scale of the map seems to lead to match times being overly short, whilst PUBG can be a bit dry much of the fun comes from the tension of moving across dangerous large spaces as time slowly ticks against you. Fornite feels a little too simplistic and arcade in comparison which is a shame as the core mechanics are solid enough that it could easy out-PUBG PUBG. I didn't really get close to winning a match but I got close enough to experience the end of match face off, in PUBG it tends to lead to 6-7 players trying to out position each other in a battle of wits, Fortnites stair and wall spamfest left me utterly cold. It's not the speed you need, more how it utterly robs the mode of its build up for me and that feeling in the gut of dislike hit hard.

    Flip side, a lot of it is really solid and it is F2P so it's hard to grumble at what's on offer. I need to sink more time in to it to be able to better take it on its own terms, I think I just expected the easy mark of PUBG killer to more in line with Fortnite than it is.


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