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    Usual rules apply with Sony peripherals, if you can ride it out to E3 all the better in order to have your indicator as to how invested Sony is. Sales of PSVR were pretty solid over Xmas but the flip side is last years support from Sony was concerning. If it's barely mentioned this year...

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    As long as Sony's actually driving that and doesn't rely on belated ports of PC indie games that'll be good. More support than they gave the poor Vita...

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    Really want one of these but am holding off till it dips to the inevitable 150 sweet spot. Do you need all the bells and whistles like those extra controllers and stuff to get the best experience or will just the hat do fine with your normal DS4?

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    I can't really afford/justify getting a PSVR rig, but would love to spend some time on it.

    I've been meaning to ask for a while if anyone on the forum would consider lending or loaning their kit for about a month?
    Courier would be whichever one you prefer and shipped back tracked.

    Feel free to tell me to GTFO, but it doesn't seem like users are solidly on VR, just dipping in when a new game comes out, so a month without PSVR wouldn't be missed.

    Let me know if you think this is a viable proposition!
    Hahaha you cheapskate.

    I really want a PSVR, but I had a lot of stuff to pay for over Xmas so didn't pick up one of the Black Friday deals. Should've done though, really. I think there's enough software to justify it now, and at 250 with the camera and Skyrim thrown in, the price really was right.

    Sometimes it's good not to be too sensible

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    I've not owned the PSVR but did borrow my friend's for several weeks. My impressions were mixed but mostly negative. The first time I fired up a VR game was amazing but the novelty didn't last long. The screen resolution is very poor, it quickly gets sweaty inside the headset and, despite taking 5 minute breaks every fifteen minutes of play, I couldn't avoid eye fatigue and colour-drain from my vision. The colour returned to my vision after a few minutes but the eye fatigue (which felt like being somewhat cross-eyed with a diminished ability to focus my vision sharply) lasted for days. Tried dialling the headset screen brightness right down to the minimum but that didn't help avoid said effects. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I've genuine concerns about the wisdom of focusing our vision on something just a couple of inches away from your face and subjecting delicate eyes to all that light. It's just not what they were designed for.
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    I do share Zen's concerns to some extent. Playing Polybius felt seizure-inducing ... just not a sensation I believe the eyes or brain are equipped to handle. Plus, I'd never play a game on it that would require more than say, half an hour ... that would be my session limit in VR I think.

    Mush as Rez in VR blew my mind I actually sold mine this week, for a few reasons: (there's only one game I LOVE playing so it got very little use, I've had an intermittent handshake problem between the unit and the Pro since day one, and I wanted to part-fund a new hardware purchase).

    For me it has been a system of one amazing high, couple of notables, then just novelty stuff. I might be back on board if ever the handshake prob is sorted (plenty of other Pro owners with the same issue online, though it seems to be a minority of Pro owners) but I'm in no rush. I did love my adventures with Rez though. It's pure magic.

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    From the above comments it's looking like I'll wait until 2069 for my headset-free VR F-Zero from Nintendo.

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    I had the Handshake issues on the Pro without the VR unit set up. The PS4 Pro is a poorly made system (awaits the insults)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Team Andromeda View Post
    I had the Handshake issues on the Pro without the VR unit set up. The PS4 Pro is a poorly made system (awaits the insults)
    You're so ugly, you went to a haunted house and were given an application form!

    Oh, wait. Sorry, you mean insults about questioning PS4 Pro build quality.

    As you were.


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