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Thread: Dark Souls III

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    Cheers, I went and got the weapon you mentioned and have it as my main.

    Getting arse kicked by the human NPC by the cathedral! The one down the side path, not the one actually guarding the entrance. I can get close to taking him if I use a rapier with its poise moves but he's an absolute bastard! Changes his strategy and moves/weapons all the time. I'm having fun trying to work out how to kill him though and he's right next to a fire so it's quick to get to him.

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    Ah, the black knight guy? Yeah I remember him being tricky. It's been a while since I've played this though so my advice is, er, try rolling...

    Seriously though I think I did just roll like mad around that guy. I used the uchigatana as my main too.

    Tip: not sure if you know, but in the upcoming cathedral section there's a character who will allow you to reroll. They're quite well hidden though so you may need to use a guide to find them (I did at least).


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