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    Quote Originally Posted by replicashooter View Post
    What else would you lot say is worth checking ?
    I highly recommend TxK if you enjoy a game of Tempest. Headphones on, lights down, lovely.

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    Ive been playing through Steam World Heist which im quite enjoying, wasn't as keen on Dig

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    Don’t forget Salt & Sanctuary and Papers, Please.
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    Check out this sizzle reel for some 2018 dopeness:

    So many fun looking games in there.

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    Yowser!! Some awesome looking stuff in that.

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    Quality showreel ... glad I kept hold of my Vita watching that.

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    It's amazing how the vita has just the type of games I went to play. Things that look old but play new along with uniqueness.

    Does anyone have a vita tv? Are they any good or so the games look terrible on a big screen like the psp used to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    I think I need another Vita.
    I believe most, if not all of those, are also headed to the Switch; so you're already covered.

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    Switch releases make no odds to me Dave, my niece wanted one so I gave mine away. It'll be the last Nintendo system I buy.


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