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    Who would trust a deal done with Trump regardless? Who wants to lower our food standards so we can have imports such US chlorinated chicken and growth hormone fed beef?
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    I’d imagine plenty of folk wouldn’t give a fook. Have you eaten a McDonalds? Crap. But very popular.

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    Not convinced ‘out of the EU, into the Trump’ would be any kind of step up.

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    May: "So, that trade deal..."
    Trump: "As I've said before, I - the Donald Trump - only make the best deals with those who meet my expectations. The best. Your Brexit plan, is the worst."

    May: "... but you know... a generous deal would really wind up Obama"


    Trump: "I'm pleased to announce a new US-UK deal that's tariff free!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMcK View Post
    I’d imagine plenty of folk wouldn’t give a fook. Have you eaten a McDonalds? Crap. But very popular.
    I haven't had crap burgers since I was a child. I rarely eat any take-away food, preferring to prep and cook my meal from scratch.

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    It's only been a few hours and Trump has already...

    -Berated the current Brexit strategy
    -Almost ruled out a UK-US Trade Agreement
    -Hailed Boris Johnson as the next great Prime Minister
    -Criticised Sadiq Khan as doing a poor job running London

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    Yep. That’s Trump. It is abundantly clear now that there is no good Brexit. If there were, someone would have found it by now. No matter what, it will be terrible. It is poison for everyone. I don’t even blame May - good Brexit doesn’t exist. On the other side of the Atlantic, Trump will be remembered as the worst president in history. He is a moron. In a movie, it would be a comedy. In real life, it’s tragedy. So do you want to be the person who gets into not one but both of these? Anyone who makes conssessions to Trump now will quickly end up being vilified in the history books. He’s as poisonous as Brexit itself.

    Seems the only working strategy now is to retreat the UK into a cave for a couple of decades, put on some makeup and a new outfit and come out later with a big smile and pretend none of this ever happened.

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    Have you listened to the interview?

    He is spot on with everything he says.

    He may be a bumbling fool, but everything he said was true.

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    Here is the leader of the EU, Mr Juncker, an absolute alcoholic and making all the decisions, unelected leader at that...

    Brexit could have been good for the little guy, sure some of the financial institutions and the bigger boys may have taken a bit of a hit, but it could have balanced things out a bit across the country. Not anymore. The deal May has come up with is laughable, and will hurt the UK massively.

    The EU is hiding the financial mess the whole thing is in at the moment, it is a breaking point.
    Look up Target2 to see the real elephant in the room.

    This is why they were so scared that Italy would vote out, it would have seen the EU collapse.

    At the moment the ECB is printing money to pay the debts of the smaller nations to Germany.

    The whole thing is such a shame, if we had remained a trading union where we could have travelled freely to work it would have been great, trying to get every country on a level playing field financially was never going to work, and rather than admitting it was failing they decided to try and put more and more rules in place and level things even more.

    Juncker at al have ruined what should have been a wonderful thing.
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    The White Paper seems to be receiving its first knock back from the EU.

    It seems abundantly clear, as it has for a long time, that the EU's sole position is that the UK has to either fold on everything and effectively become a bit of a slave state to EU law or go all out for Hard Brexit. The UK government is just continuing a two year habit of repeatedly approaching them with variations of the same plan that the EU ruled out on Day One.


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