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    I doubt it would make any difference who headed the table, given the impossible promises made to the electorate. Someone has to hold the poisoned chalice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg Thang View Post
    How May has lasted this long is a bit of a mystery. All the early stuff she said or agreed to (whether feasible or not), she has gone back on. She demonstrates a total inability to achieve anything. But then I suspect part of this is that everyone knows a positive Brexit doesn't exist so they're happy for someone else to take the fall.
    This is the core of it. When Cameron stepped down, hardly anyone stood up for the leadership role, because they knew it was going to be an absolute nightmare that no politician could emerge from unscathed. Instead, they all passed the buck, content instead to let someone else step up so they could throw **** at them from the sidelines for a year or two. They would heap on the criticism, but never too much - after all, they needed time to sharpen their knives for when that person inevitably stepped down/was pushed aside... But only after the immediate crisis was resolved; not before. Then they get to sweep in and play the hero, basking in the public's admiration of their reasonably competent performance because their 12-minute memory only recalls their predecessor's inability to row across a river of lava in a boat made of cardboard and using their hands as oars.

    That's how people like Boris Johnson end up being Prime Minister.

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    May has said she's open to extending the transition window on Brexit, this would incur billions extra being paid to the EU in the meantime so is going down as well as you'd expect.

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    Yes but if you consider the progress made in just a couple of years, imagine how much better the deals could get adding an extra year to that.

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    She won't have the backing from enough MPs for it.

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    I think itís quite clear that no one is going to bother getting the job done whatsoever. So entirely new leadership in a clean sweep should be put in charge, with current MPís having to earn their roles back over time, if they canít pass the mustard through results then no role back.

    The military can fill in the mean time until parliament can be put back together with an effective government and leadership with MPís that are actually qualified.

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    Ah, rule by military junta. Nothing can go wrong with that.

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    The EU has postponed the final summit till December for agreeing a final Brexit Deal

    and Leadsom has said the MP final vote will be a take it or leave it choice. This assumes there's a Take It option at all as unless something is agreed about the backstop there is no deal. Given May looks to have no choice but to give in to the EU backstop plan at the last minute and will therefore see MP's not agree with it .... thread title updated again


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