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    Quote Originally Posted by MartyG View Post
    There is a modern day political ploy around this; present an extreme idea, let the outrage come forth and fall back to the slightly less extreme plan which then seems moderate by comparison.

    It's a con.
    I've always believed the true experts at that are those "lizard alien conspiracy" people. They present ridiculous theories involving aliens as a smokescreen, because woven between those things are a few reasonable (if controversial ideas). The queen supposedly being a cephalopod alien in a suit is just a distraction.

    The Monster Raving Loonies used to do the same thing. Loads of daft, joke policies, but one or two which make you smile at first, then you seriously consider them. "Passports for pets" is the best example.

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    Worried about leaving the EU? Don't be, turns out you can just buy citizenship

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    In a move sure to get a few nerves jittering in the EU

    Italy is headed to a hung parliament as the majority of voters have done so in favour of Eurosceptic candidates. Though Itaxit is unlikely it shows a harsh distaste for the EU is growing in another country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    Ugh. Surely someone can come up with something better than that.

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    How about the more obvious "Exitaly"

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    Well.if we're going for ones that could actually be formally adopted then yeah. I doubt they'd approve spaghexit officially.

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