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    Snes Mini, AES Games and more.

    cheapest postage is included (unless stated +).if you want special/insured your welcome to pay extra for it.
    normally I can only post on a Saturday due to work, so please bear that in mind.

    Payment by BT or by PayPal Gift only.

    can supply pics if needed, and ask if you want detailed descriptions.

    ************************************************** ******
    ************************************************** ******


    UK Dreamcast.
    cases have the usual damage. (spindles/lugs)
    Crazy Taxi
    Sword of the Berserk

    UK Pal Sega Megadrive console only, sold as faulty, powers up ok, but no picture.


    Snes Mini.
    boxed complete used for 2 to 3 hours max then boxed.
    comes with 2 controller extension leads. 70

    Nintendo 64.

    US BOX and Manual only.
    Pilotwings 64
    Turok 2
    all 3 for 12

    UK Pal N64,(console only)
    Top Gear Rally (cart only)


    JP J-League Soccer.(Cart only)
    US Super Star Wars. (cart only
    Both for 10

    UK Snes official PSU, untested pay for delivery + around going rate (10?) if working.


    US Mario Golf (tatty box no instructions) 3.50


    UK Metroid Prime 3 Corruption 6


    SNK Neo Geo AES
    JPN Fatal Fury 2 55 inc
    JPN Fatal Fury Special 55inc
    USA Ninja Combat (no instructions) 110inc
    or 3 game bundle 180inc 170inc

    Pics here

    Sony Playstation

    UK PAL Final Doom (repro cover) 5
    UK PAL Ridge Racer (platinum) 6
    UK PAL Tomb Raider (platinum) 6
    3 for 12.50

    ************************************************** ******
    ************************************************** ******

    Trades (not looking to buy).
    Looking for:

    Super Mario Kart, cart only (US Snes)
    Rez PS4
    Night Trap PS4


    Japanese Machine Boxed (matching serials)
    1 arcade stick - RGB lead & jpn PSU
    1 NeoCD joypad (loose)
    1 arcade stick (loose)
    NeoSD+ shockbox + 16gb card
    Console/extra stick/pad & Neo SD 750
    USA King of Monsters 120
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    I'll take the N64 and TGR if the console's in fairly decent shape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmotta View Post
    I'll take the N64 and TGR if the console's in fairly decent shape.
    cant remember exactly, think its pretty good, ill get a pic taken tonight when i get home.

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    N64 in very good condition

    Snes Min and AES stuff added.

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    If you’ll split your DC games, I’ll take Sword of the Berserk for 6?

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    Interested in the NeoSD+ shockbox + 16gb card if you decide to split.

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    not splitting items for now, AES etc sold

    3 game AES bundle reduced.
    3 game bundle 180inc 170inc


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