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    What an absolute bitch these games were to play back then. That whole "1 touch you dead" stuff was beyond irritating even though I did dig the overall vibe and concept on the Amiga but the whole "Dizzy does his jump across screens and you done, bye" thing was enough to make you want to pull the floppy out and snap it due to how much trial and error was required to progress.
    Treasure island was the worst offender, with only one life it made it a nervewracking experience as you got closer to the end one slip up and hours of work were over.

    Quote Originally Posted by BigDeadFreak View Post
    Dizzy was the first game I fell in love with. I'd had games before that on my 48k Spectrum but they were more just distractions in the far more important arena of He-Man and Star Wars action figures. Fantasy World Dizzy changed all that.

    A friend of mine had the game on his +3 and we'd all go round to his house after school to play it. We struggled to get past the dragon which was fairly early on in the game but something about it was captivating. I later bought it myself along with the Dizzy collection and played all the main games obsessively.

    After I got into Dizzy I moved in onto the rest of the Codemasters catalogue. Games Like Spike the Viking, Slightly Magic and the Seymour games. They were all a bit derivative but there was something about them that I loved. The puzzles were just about manageable for my primary school aged mind and the platforming was pretty challenging.

    Once I'd discovered the Dizzy games my love affair with gaming had truly begun and I've never looked back.

    One game I remember playing was a Seymour game that came free with Your Sinclair. It was a complete game, albeit a fairly short one but I can't remember the name of it. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?
    That game was called Seymore: Take one, they were a good substitute for dizzy when you needed a dizzy fix but fancied something new. Little puff was also another codemasters released that felt very much like dizzy too.

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    Thanks, I knew I remembered it had something to do with cinema but thought I might be confusing it with Seymour Goes to Hollywood.

    They were good games. I always felt that Resident Evil had a pretty similar puzzle mechanic; find object A and take to place B. It's pretty simple but I've always enjoyed it for some reason.

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    Had just about all of them on the Amiga, that got released on it, the original Dizzy never did or down the rapids. Great series for the time not sure the games have aged that well.

    So damn tricky at point, to think the patience I had finishing them, don't know if I could do it again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by importaku View Post
    Treasure island was the worst offender, with only one life it made it a nervewracking experience as you got closer to the end one slip up and hours of work were over
    Yep that's the one I played on the Amiga. Music was funky, game itself was a proper fecker and would fit perfectly in my "boy was I easily amused then" thread although I didn't even find it amusing then, just irritating.

    On the other hand it's hard to believe how code masters, the epitome of bedroom coders, actually found their way into the modern gaming world and that in itself deserves kudos

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    Clue for next time: Pai in the Blue Sky

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    Magicland is the one I have a soft spot for. I think when it came out, Dizzy mania was probably reaching its peak. Several of my friends rushed out and bought it and the guides hadn't yet been printed in any magazines, so we worked it out as a group. I remember we got stuck at one stage, and one of my friends excitedly calling me at 10pm (we were probably about 12 at the time, so that was pretty late!) to tell me he'd figured out a whole bunch of things. I was always a bit suspicious that he'd rang the Code Masters helpline, but he denied it!

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    Dizzy was the first game I bought for the Spectrum. Really good arcade adventure, addictive and I managed to complete it. I never bought another Dizzy game though. That was enough for me, I didn't want more of the same. Like I say good game, but being critical I would say it was slightly bland and lacks any kind of depth. I really liked games like Citadel and Palace of Magic on the BBC Micro. They were the top arcade adventures for me.

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    i loved the dizzy games, i had both boxed sets as a kid and me and my best mate spent hours playing through them and and working out all the puzzles, some of the best games ever made from that era


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