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    PS4 and GC games

    Paypal gifts preferred, but I can take cheques or BT if you want, open to offers, please PM me, cheers!

    Devil May Cry 5 - 12 posted - like new

    Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem - 30 posted (was 34) - disc is like new, manual's very good, and the box is good for it's age
    Geist - 30 posted (was 34) - disc is like new, manual's very good, and the box is good for it's age

    Rhythm Tengoku - 18 to honeymustard
    Zelda Minish Cap - 8 to Asylum
    Cybernator - 5 to acidbearboy
    F-Zero Maximum Velocity - 5 to Zaki Matar
    Metroid Fusion - 15 to Zaki Matar
    Metroid Zero Mission - 10 to Zaki Matar
    Advance Wars - 12 to Zaki Matar
    Metroid - NES Classics (slightly damaged box) - 5 to Zaki Matar
    Astro Boy - 12 to losersclub
    Gunstar Future Heroes - 6 to losersclub
    Gradius Generation - Konami Classics version - 8 to Grapple Convoy
    Mario Kart Super Circuit - 8 to losersclub
    Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting - 12 to MiG
    Mawaru Made In Wario (Warioware Twisted) - 13 to MiG
    Mario Vs Donkey Kong - 7 to sicpuppy
    Wario Ware Inc - 5 to sicpuppy
    Dishonoured - 22 sold elsewhere
    DSi console (PAL), black, boxed with charger and in great condition - 30 to Rider_on_the_Storm
    Gamecube unboxed modem - 10 to muddy
    The Wonderful 101 (PAL), great, as new condition - 25 to Strider
    Punch-Out!! PAL Wii, disc and manual are like new, box is good - 6 to badbear118
    Kid Icarus: Uprising PAL 3DS - No big box or stand thingy, but does come with 12 AR cards and is in great condition - 12 to gordon
    Super Paper Mario PAL Wii, disc and manual are in very good condition, box has a slight dent on the back but otherwise good - 6 to losers club
    Killer 7 - pre order promo dvd with a trance music / visuals mix, plus 3 trailers - great condition - JPN - 15 to Fuse
    Mean Machines Sega - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Mega Preview Video - 5 to Katsujinken
    Mean Machines Sega - Mega CD Preview Tape - 5 to Katsujinken
    Nintendo Magazine System - Exlusive! Street Fighter II Player's Guide Video - 5 to Katsujinken
    Gradius V - dvd with developer interviews, game footage and images of enemy models etc for each of the levels - great condition - JPN - 15 to Katsujinken
    Final Fantasy VII Collectible Edition Ban Dai Figures - sold elsewhere
    Goldeneye 007 (PAL) - disc like new, box very good, manual like new - 4.50 to Superking
    Famitsu with Biohazard 4 Demo and DVD - really good condition, apart from slight bend in magazine - see photos - 20 to Tetsuo
    Gradius V (PAL) - Boxed with manual, both in decent condition, the disc is scratched quite badly but it does play, (I've played it a lot), just selling as I want a cleaner replacement - 5 to QualityChimp
    Fallout 3 - Game Of The Year Edition (PAL) - Boxed with manual, both in great condition, disc 1 has a few scratches and marks, disc 2 is much better but not perfect - 5 to QualityChimp
    P.N.03 (PAL) - Boxed with manual, in great condition - disc has a few dots and marks but is in pretty good condition really. Bought from someone on here (can't remember who), so it's got the BD seal of approval - 7 to Lebowski
    1080 Snowboarding (PAL) - cart only - 2.00 to Lebowski
    Gitaroo Man (PAL) - Box and manual very good, disc isn't great, has quite a few scratches but works fine and I've seen worse - 5 to amaan
    We Love Katamari - a few light scratches on the disc, plays fine, manual's very good condition, box is also pretty good - 8 to amaan
    Kirby's Adventure Wii - Boxed with manual, all in good condition, although the disc has two or three light surface scratches - 20 to traps
    Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger Pack - disc like new, box very good - 5 to the trooper
    Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor PS4 - Disc like new, box pretty good - 10 to Howiee
    Hyrule Warriors - WiiU PAL - Like New - 20 to buster_broon
    Okamiden DS (US) - ?8 to speedlolita
    Japanese DS Lite Black - In decent condition, just a few very light marks on the screen, but quite a few more on the outside. The GBA slot was really sticky when I got it, like coffee had been spilled in it or something. I cleaned it up as best I could and the games work fine, but there's still a little bit of stickiness to it which could probably be removed completely with more cleaning. System only, no charging cable - 7 posted
    Metroid : Samus Returns - like new - 18 posted (was 22) to MARIUS
    Puyo Puyo Tetris - like new - 16 posted (was 20) to MARIUS
    Spider-Man - PS4 - Like new 23 to Jamie
    Luigi's Mansion 3, like new, 28 to Zaki
    Sackboy A Big Adventure PS5 - 25 posted (WAS 30) - Disc Like New, box is a bit damaged (half of the plastic bit inside at the top where the inlay rests is cracked off, and there's a crack near the bottom of the spine) to Rubix78
    The Last of Us: Part II - 12 posted - like new to Jamie
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    Added New Mario Bros U and reduced Silent hill to 20 (was 22)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lurch View Post
    DS down to 7 posted (WAS 12.50 )
    ok i'll add your DS to my family as i need everyday playing DS backups

    send me a pm i have PP waiting

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    Added these two

    Metroid : Samus Returns - like new - 22 posted

    Puyo Puyo Tetris - like new - 20 posted

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    Metroid : Samus Returns - like new - 18 posted (was 22)
    Puyo Puyo Tetris - like new - 16 posted (was 20)

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    I'd like to take Metroid, by cheque, but it would take a few extra days to arrive (posted from Japan). You could post it to my UK address though.

    I'll throw in two quid for the inconvenience.

    Does that sound OK?

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    In fact, I'll take both if you'll accept my offer.


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