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Thread: Anthem

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    Bioware have abandoned the games planned Acts updates and are to switch to seasonal updates in an effort to continue trying to fix the games core issues.


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    Taken from ResetEra: Sources: BioWare Plans A Complete Overhaul For Anthem - Jason Shrier @ Kotaku

    Recent silence and a couple of high-profile departures from BioWare have led fans and pundits to speculate that the studio has abandoned its most recent game, Anthem, but the opposite is true. For the last few months, BioWare and parent company EA have been planning an overhaul of the online shooter, according to three people familiar with those plans. Some call it “Anthem 2.0” or “Anthem Next.”
    I can't quite help but think...

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    I'd call it Anthem Free 2 Play... or the similar sounding Anthem DOA. It's a dead IP and they should recognise it and save the resources

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neon Ignition View Post
    They really shouldn't bother.
    Was just about to say the same thing.

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    The thing is the game engine they built is really solid the flight mechanics are really fun and if the game actually played like the E3 reveal trailer they would have had a hit on their hands. They desperately need to fill out the map with interesting things to do as 90% off it looks lovely but is completely empty.

    They never should of released the game as it was, it was more a tech demo a proof of concept, i think that's why their revisiting this and putting it back in development, they need to just go dark with it though and find a positive way to relaunch it. News story's coming out about them forgetting to take down Christmas lights in their player hub (their still up now) really don't give you the impression they know how to run a live game though.

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    I'd be all in for a full cancellation (the brand is beyond tainted now, there's no way of relaunching it successfully now) and to be honest I think they should drop Dragon's Age 4 whilst they're at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neon Ignition View Post
    I'd be all in for a full cancellation (the brand is beyond tainted now, there's no way of relaunching it successfully now) and to be honest I think they should drop Dragon's Age 4 whilst they're at it.
    The same could of been said for no mans sky, you'd of thought their would have been no way back form the memes and negativity but here we are and its a massively successful game now.

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    No Man's Sky though had the benefit of being immensely successful title from a very small team who had their entire reputation and potentially their future on the line. It's success allowed them to focus on turning that ship around slowly so that when they next work on a game it won't be dogged by the negativity that used to associate that game whilst also enjoying a large sales base with a solid number able to reinstall it whenever a big update came along etc.

    It's a bit like with Rainbow Six Siege as well, where it was smothered by rivals but the core gameplay experience is great and Ubisoft really dig their heels in with regular support that has allowed the game to expand and grow as the generation continued and bigger rivals fell by the wayside.

    Anthem was a dog that failed out the gate. There's no real userbase, it wasn't well thought of, if was deeply limited as an experience, it wasn't even done in a manner that is popular amongst online rival products. It hasn't even been supported well and not only has all these issues but also has the crushing weight of a new generation bearing down on it.

    Bioware could change the name and launch it as F2P, they could expand the gameworld, overhaul the visuals, add a load of ranking and items, new enemy types etc but it'd be a big investment on a major failed title and also by that point they might as well just make a new game. Also, it'd end up largely being at best a third person Destiny knock-off, and Destiny struggles enough as it is.

    Someone is certainly going out of their way in EA to champion for the game but Anthem is the definition of a game that needs taking out to the barn. It still seems odd that EA hasn't been its usual ruthless self with it given how quick to kill things off they usually are and they must be keen to see Bioware, who haven't knocked it out the park since nearly a decade ago, get back on track with something they've previously shown some strength at.


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