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    Monster Hunter: World

    Behold! The official Bordersdown MH:W thread of ID swapping, advice getting, match-up arranging, and derring-do bragging.

    PSN ID: Abused_Dog

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    Chief rabble-rouser and clueless "what's the button again?" buffoon, present!

    PSN ID: QualityChimp

    "C'mon guys, let's explore this forest and...


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    PSN: kryss101010

    I think we're all friends already. I may not be about to game with your guys until I go part time in Feb though.

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    If I haven't sent anyone an invite to the BD MH community on the PSN please let me know.

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    PSN: nick pavey
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    PSN - MrKirov

    Complete MH noob, looking forward to getting into it!

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    @kryss, you added these three dawdlers?

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    Not got it yet as I’ve been on holiday but should have it next week. PSN


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