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Thread: SOLD.

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    At work in Doncaster at the moment, will add once I’m back to Scotland on the weekend.

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    Woah, you’re selling your PCE/NEO flashcart setup?! I thought you’d found the unlimited solution?

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    For genuine hardware, these are without doubt the two best set ups you can get if you don't want to go down the rabbit hole of stupidly overpriced physical games. I don't even need the hardware now I'm finding, all I need is good emulation for my fix, which I have, hence they can go.

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    Not shown: UK psu, RGB scart lead, two player tap, box for Hori pad but obviously all included.
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    Neo Geo.

    Not shown: Box for memory card, RGB scart lead, snap lock case for Neo SD.
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    Also just found this PCE stick, box is tatty but stick is mint. 25

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    No problem. Ex, it'll most likely be Tuesday before I can ship but I'll Pm details in a bit.

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    ***SOLD ON EBAY FOR 360***

    Adding PS Vita bundle. As much as this kept me interested for a couple of months, as always with a handheld I lost interest after completing the games I thought were essential replays. 315 inc shipping.

    Includes -

    Boxed PS Vita console.
    Hard carry case.

    23 games, some are brand new and unopened as it turned out I had them as PSN downloads -

    Virtua tennis
    Killzone Mercenary
    Earth defence force 2
    Unit 13
    God of war collection
    Sonic racing
    Blazblue (New/sealed)
    Tearaway (New/sealed)
    Nee for speed (New/sealed)
    Cursed castilla (New/sealed)
    Ninja gaiden sigma 2+
    Everybody's golf
    Sly cooper
    Ultimate marvel vs capcom 3
    Borderlands 2
    Freedom wars
    Gravity rush (New/sealed)
    Windjammers (New/sealed)

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