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Thread: Nothing for now

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    Nothing for now

    Hi all, have the following for sale. Paypal payment method please. Prices include postage (UK).

    Thanks for looking.

    *Sold items*

    Grandia (USA PS1) - 40 *SOLD to Jamie*
    Breath of Fire 3 (USA PS1) - 35 *SOLD to fuse*
    Final Fantasy Tactics (USA PS1) - 30 *SOLD to fuse*
    Ridge Racer V (Japanese PS2) - 6 *SOLD to BIG EDD*
    Vagrant Story (USA PS1) - 20 *SOLD to Strider*
    Region free PSone (console only, no accessories) - 20 *SOLD to dvdx2*
    Super Monkey Ball Deluxe (PAL) - 3 Cost of UK postage *SOLD to chipsgravy*
    Gran Turismo Concept 2002 (PAL) - 2 Cost of UK postage *SOLD to chipsgravy*
    Myst III - Exile (PAL) - 2 Cost of UK postage *SOLD to chipsgravy*
    Biohazard (NTSC-J) - 2 Cost of UK postage *SOLD to dvdx2*
    Swap Magic 3.6 (for PAL region PS2 consoles) - 8 4 *SOLD to lemurfever*
    Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad (SNES) - 10 posted *SOLD to Leon Retro*
    PSone UK PAL console (modded for region free) - 15 *SOLD to dvdx2*
    Grandia (UK PAL PS1) - 10 *SOLD to amaan*
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    I'll take Grandia, could you PM me payment details.

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    Sure, although I can't PM you as your inbox is full. Let me know when you've made space and I'll send over details, thanks.

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    Updated thread and title with a few games. All are complete and in good condition.

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    Added 60GB PS3 and The Last of Us. Reduced Dragon Quest and Heavy Rain.

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    Reduced Ecco, Shadow of Memories, Heavy Rain and The Last of Us.

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    Removed all old items (either gone elsewhere or no longer for sale), added PS1 console.

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    PS1 removed, Buffalo USB SNES pad added.


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