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    ...and now nearly half midnight because I thought I'd just pop into a mushroom searching quest.

    Great first night. Lots to take in, but it's clearly explained as you go. Took out a few Great Jagras and assorted enemies. Upgraded my weapons and searched for some parts for more.

    Loving it so far and we'll try a co-op hunt soon.

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    The game is super f'king good, just opened up the third area which is very different looking to the forest and desert.

    Done quite abit of co-oping trying to get bits to level up various weapons and make new armour, from the main campaign stand point you you never start them off in co-op mode, once you reach whatever monster you need to fight it'll give you a SOS flare to use to allow 2-4 players to turn up... however it seems remove the the completion rewards after 10mins from using the flare so, nobodies going to turn up if they don't get extra drops (you still get the 2-3 cuts off the corpse).

    I'm not sure what the difference between joining vs creating sessions, only that you need to in at least a create session to use "join online" for co-op and only stuff that is in process via SOS flare, as it's the only content i've been able to join. I did have alook the top level area and that place seem for guild stuff, like setting ingame squads to hang with for the arena stuff or alot of the side mission content (of which there is a fk ton)

    I think i've lost about 2hrs to idiots getting themselves killed 3 times vs the turkey-rex which i needed some drops from(still do) and it's super frustrating to to spend 20-30mins to get **** all.

    I'm sure this isn't a problem for long time players but it doesn't explain the status buff or debuff for alot effects, and it seems it won't explain weakness unless you capture monster 4 times which is a bit much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hudson View Post
    Crazy scenes. Nevermind the time, I was more impressed with how it went down.
    The torch pods are an exploit (causes explosive damage to tick multiple times instead of once), should pretty much ignore all speed runs that use them.

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    This is 42 at Amazon (Prime), does anyone know of it any cheaper? Would prefer digital i think, and not sure what format. Anyone using it on the One X?

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    That's the cheapest I can see it on game crawler, Amazon, Argos and Smyth's.

    Pre-orders knocked a few quid off, but you chose to ignore my excited hyperbole, so you've only got yourself to blame!

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    True, i feel ashamed at myself

    46 using credit from CD Keys, got to be the biting point i think.

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    Or you could do some drilling in your man cave? Get a wriggle on!

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    My thread has gone

    Downloading this now on PS4, will be on tonight but probably should play alone first i would imagine to get accustomed to it. Up for games though once i'm badass (have only ever played the Beta on PS4 and 3 on the Wii U, for all of ten minutes).

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    Played a little last night and the guy from Uncharted showed me around and then we went on a little Jagra hunt. I'd gone for the massive sword option and came back learning a thing or two. Mainly I learnt swinging the thing around doing the full combos is a bad idea. Hit and run is probably the way to go unless I can unleash the full combo on a more static enemy (downed). Ultimately, I spent more time swinging maniacally and missing out on carvings. I was overwhelmed by enemies at the time, but still.

    Loads to do in this. I look forward to getting back on tonight.


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