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    Xeno sustained blast attacks don't even take anything off my stamina now Guard lvl5 and Guard Up doing their job properly.
    Tempered Kirin attacks are the same way, I just brush them off. Sadly the same was not true for the 3 I was questing with earlier. Don't answer an SOS if you can't survive to the end of the quest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J0e Musashi View Post
    I died twice in one hunt! @Lebowski and @QualityChimp got the laughs tonight. Good hunting though fellas.
    Negigante's dive bombs get the best of us, we got him done for chimp though so thats what's important. its not like we where really concentrating either was great to have a natter with like minded people

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    Quote Originally Posted by hudson View Post
    I'm about to go toe to toe with Kirin and im going to try and emulate this guy's meaty hitting great swordery.

    Epic solo hunt.

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    Iím glad that Kirin took such a beating. After the s**t head kicked the crap out of me and abused me so much in PSP freedom unite it deserves nothing less, take that arch nemesis!

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    @QualityChimp We've talked about having the feelings for the monsters. Remember, they tried to eat the kids mmmkay?

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    I like this game, its not bad, not bad at all, in fact i gave it a 9 in the poll.

    When i first played, i was pretty shocekd at the controls, lack of tracking, camera and such, it really hit me by surprise and i thought it was daft.
    Anyhow after a time ive gotten used to it. Its a staple of the series design, also someone explained to me by saying "your attacks have consequences, when you hit that attack button, if you have a giant weapon your committing yourself to that attack, so if you mess up, or the monster evades, you done goofed" and I have to agree, it makes sense.

    I really like the world, the monsters, all the weapons are relevant and great fun, its good. I mean yeah its a loot n shoot...well not shoot, you know, like the diablo series, kill monsters to get loot to kill the monsters faster, it cant hold me over forever, but i enjoy playing it.

    Im really glad the game is fully international too on PSN at least, im always grouped with japanese, chinese, whatever, I think thats a big boost to a game especially on this forum, we love that stuff, its great to interact and be part of the wider hunting community and enjoy how different gamers across the world play.

    I think i read this was capcoms biggest selling game ever, so im looking forward to future support and expansions, much like destiny i see myself getting really stuck in for a few months then backing out waiting for next update, which is fine by me.

    Ok now the negatives.
    Although ive got to grips with combat, the camera is still a bit arse, today i was doing some arena challenges with a JP player, and this weeks challenge is tempered bazel + tempered urganananana and i swear this bazel is just going nuts flying around this tiny arena like an agitated wasp and theres nothing you can do sometimes you just get literally ass blasted from behind time and time again. Despite my rant there are a lot of camera control options in this game so i guess i just need to have a play. I just really ticked me off and i think it sort of cornered my annoyance on the camera, having to keep my awareness of the target urgananan, having to manuever to attack it correctly but also having to be 240 degreess behind my person of the other monsters shenanigans is difficult with iffy camera, or any camera...
    I guess what im saying is a lot of this game is getting knocked on your ass again and again.

    Speaking of online; I imagine this game is by far and away played mainly in groups online? However in my opinion the game scales way to much when online in a group, seriously if you played this game purely multiplayer, go solo some HR monsters now, you will destroy them i swear. You can get by with a decent team but if you have people who don't pull their weight, some fights go on for agessss or its literally death for breakfast when people get carted in 1 or 2 hits. Remember the monster doesn't just get a HP buff when you are in a group but also a buff to its resistances, stun resist, and chopping tails and such becomes 1000% harder. I think things need to be tweeked just a little. Go fight the HR50 tempered kirin quest online, then go fight him solo and you'll see what i mean. Maybe im just telling people to pull their damn weight, hmm maybe a better post fight info screen would help, to help players assess their contribution, doesnt even have to be public.

    Anyway yeah a good game, its still what Id call a "Oh F* off!" game, where a lot of the time im pointing at the tv and saying "OH F* off!

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    Good stuff, Largo. Im glad you saw it out. That clunkiness you refer to is similar to that of Capcom's Lost Planet. In my opinion a brilliant game. The first one anyway.

    So what you guys hunting at the moment and why?

    Im working on Kirin armour set just coz it looks cool lol. I need to get a couple of monsters outside of Kirin for this. Paolumu for example. Im also gearing towards the Tobe Kadachi Lion HBG III which requires a couple of Diablos horns and lots of electric squirrel stuff.

    I love this. Still not bored of it after 130 odd hours.

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    @Largo, I think I agree with pretty much everything you've said.
    A lot of it is arse-about-face and it's funny how we've gotten used to our initial bemusement, like bypassing the in-game chat because it stops you talking to those not in the hunt. It makes sense because other wise you'd have pandemonium over the mics with multiple hunts squealing at each other, but a little warning would be nice because everybody has finished a hunt and carried on talking to their team for a couple of minutes then wondered why nobody's answering!

    The cut-scene thing is a pain and I think it's a programming wrinkle they just couldn't iron out, or maybe just wanted people to experience the game a little before getting other players involved?

    I think my biggest bugbear is the hitboxes. You can be using a glaive to flip over a monster or stood to the side while it charges and you still get hit.

    I also need to tinker with the camera as I had a screen full of scales last night and I had no idea where I was or what I was hitting!

    I agree about the online thing too. The other night, @Lebowski, Kipper and @TwoFaints offered to help me kill my first Nerigigante, but we all took a hit because I think we were a bit complacent after solo fights. There's a real ramp up in difficulty that it doesn't warn you about, other than "adjusting difficulty" when somebody joins an active hunt.

    There is so much unsaid in this game, it's ridiculous. 100+ hours in and 'bowski tells me about "trade-in" items that can only be sold, not crafted. I made about 100000z in one transaction!

    Those niggles just aren't enough to stop me playing. Like @hudson (the dirty stop-up), I'm still loving this game and I play nearly every night and pine for it when I don't.

    I'm still finding new things in the environment, too. I found a load of handprints on a stone arch last night that I'd never noticed before.

    I haven't even unlocked the second bunch of monsters yet.

    I've never played a Monster Hunter before but I've wanted to (don't have a 3DS or Vita) and I loved Lost Planet and the sequel especially (I wonder if that's BC on the One, yet?), and they're a couple of the main reasons I'm playing it. Their declaration of no lootboxes was another motivation to vote with my wallet and they deserve all the sales they get. I got a bonus for 7.5 million copies sold, so kudos to Capcom.

    Quote Originally Posted by hudson View Post
    So what you guys hunting at the moment and why?
    I meant to progress the story to get the new enemies, but I'm having a blast just getting the bits I need to upgrade.
    I'm trying to get the right weapons to attack each monster's weakness to give me as much help as I can.

    I fully upgraded my first Long Sword last night, the Dipterus III (water)!

    I watched a video that says I can get it up to white shaprness, but he doesn't explain how. Can anyone elaborate what I need to put in it? I've not dabbled much with the jewels. Can you take them out again or is it a one-shot deal?

    So basically, I've got a bunch of sword with one or two missing components each, like the ice sword that needs Legiana tail webbing and Paloumo wings or the electric sword that needs Diablo horns. I fought him last night and died because my pad ran out of juice. It was infuriating seeing my guy die as I scrabbled to get the charge cable plugged in! Tried again and was more cautious with my first life (meal boosts) and I managed to kill him. I'd have trapped him but forgot to restock my tranq bombs.

    Other than that, I want to kill a few Odagorons to complete my armour (quicker sharpening) and I've just found I can get the eyepatch with weakness exploit.

    So basically, I'm hunting everything!

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post

    I watched a video that says I can get it up to white shaprness, but he doesn't explain how. Can anyone elaborate what I need to put in it? I've not dabbled much with the jewels. Can you take them out again or is it a one-shot deal?
    Handicraft increases shaprness

    this shows what Armour pieces have the buff there are various gems charms and Armour that buff this skill
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