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  1. #1281
    Glad you guys have been enjoying this again.
    I'm not going to get it because I've fallen so far behind, but I'm glad I played the original.
    Really got the co-op spirit back again, the first time since EDF 2025.

  2. #1282
    One thing I would say, is that there's really no dependence on having slogged through hundreds of hours of the end-game of World to get involved with Iceborne. If you didn't 'complete' the story there's now lots of crazy overpowered folks to carry you over the line, whereas my HR endgame sets, augmented up the wazoo, were replaced by gear that anyone can get from the first few quests in the new area.

  3. #1283
    Plus the throw a gear set called guardian at you for free to carry you all the way to beating worlds story.

    I've gotten up to beating Bracy the explosive kangaroo boxer and tigerx, think velk fight ver1 is next but I'm feeling I need to stop and start making the rank 10 armour and weapons to expand my arsenal, the tigerx hbg looks awesome so I'll be aiming for that first.

    I think palico move set can be seen in skill change menu which is accessed from camp tents.

  4. #1284
    I like that one of the new trophies is that you have to help 10 LR/HR hunters with their quests.
    I'm also a bit "meh" about all the stuff that I spent hours grinding to get is now out-classed by the lowest of the low MR stuff.

    Also, the Wyvernsnipe mod swaps penetration for power, but doesn't deliver enough of a punch to make it worthwhile. I'll just be adding another layer of shield myself.

  5. #1285
    Yeah it requires to many steps to do good damage (use the mod, scope and hitting a weakened part), though it's alright on the smaller monsters.

    I like heart much more, the standard improvement to the hit multipler even with out the mod gets damage into 50/60 per bullet.

    Also got a chance to test out the tigerx hbg, comes with 5 mod slots so used barrel for stun and maxed out artillery for big damage with a stun rate better than a hammer, loving it.

  6. #1286
    The Tailraider Taxis are excellent. I'm using them to get everywhere. Had a mighty team hunt yesterday and we were all pootering along after the fleeing monster on our loyal mini-beasts. You can also leap off them when you get to the monster for a sly attack.

  7. #1287
    Gotten up opening the first of the new elder dragons after beating Velk, so probably a while yet before i reach being able to augment weapons. Hardest monster so far is tempered Black Diablos, her new short charges come with no startup... got absolutely murdered.

    Current favorite go to's at mid game

    Banbo's Gunlance, capping earplugs, artillery, capacity and offensive guard, allowing for 6 shot burst and occasional 15% attack raise on late blocks. Adding that to slinger wyvern stake stuck in a monster makes for some killer damage, specially letting of a wyvernfire and watching the stake explode over and over.

    great sword using Barioth waist/feet for punish draw, quick sheath and diablos head for crit draw, adds alot to the hit and run with raw damage 1200 damage+ GS.

    Narga's HGB, using 3 bits of narga armour for 'true spare shot' and pierce damage up, you save a crap ton of shots compared to the original skill, and the gun gives no recoil on all pierce ammo so you can mess stuff up with pierce shot3 (and a barrel mod)

    Hunting Horn with tigerx 3 piece armour allowing free meal to 75% which is super broken, i can basically spam medical supplies forever, and it quite easy to cap earplugs, gobbler, free meal and recovery up.

  8. #1288
    I don't know if I've been unlucky but this doesn't seem very well populated. I've never had more than two other people in the lobby when I've joined in usual matchmaking. It's more usually just one other player. In the base game the player lists were usually full and I'm quite surprised at how dead it is now. Going back to mess about in the original game I must say I'm finding those environments much more appealing and imaginative too.

  9. #1289
    If you search for flares there are usually some.

  10. #1290
    i've notice if i just let it matchmake me it seems to dump in an low population session, not that it matters to much, as Kryss says, sos flares are packed, and if send out my own i get a few people joining. Only time i need high population is if i want to do group arena or whenever MR Kulve come back, then i just filter search for those.

    also like as QoL improvement to sos searches as it now saves your last search criteria until you turn the game off, which didn't happen before, always reset on exiting out of the sos menu or getting party full error messages.
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