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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobal View Post
    DLC addon, you need MHW to play it. As for the size i don't know why its only 8mb, maybe everyone is forced to download it so it counted towards MHW size? I got the pricing wrong, it $40 on it own, $50 for extra vanity items, so Uk will likely get it for 35-40. Still for a game i've already put 600+ hrs into i'll get my money's worth out of it.
    Thats cool I suppose. I haven’t played it since I played with you guys. It’ll be good to get back to being a long-shot ranger. I like that role.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    I just started this again having played for a mere 15 hours on launch. It’s now on Xbox Game Pass. And I’d forgotten how good it is.

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    $53.49 for the standard Iceborne DLC, $66.99 for the deluxe!? Gah.

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    How much!! I’m still stuck on the zombie dragon thing.

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    Im gonna get this again because I saw fellas riding lizards

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanpeebles View Post
    How much!! I’m still stuck on the zombie dragon thing.
    if you need help, just say what times your likely to be online and i'll help kill. Otherwise level up the armour you have to max, and max out misama skill to stop his aoe curse cutting your HP in half, you can stay quite safe near his chest area, evading and running away when he stand ups, as this will either be a body slam or his downward breath attack. If you're fighting in dirty areas use the torch slinger ammo to burn off the tick damage for a few minutes.

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    Fire weapons are also advised to help kill it faster. I should be free on the weekend...

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    I might have to take you both up on that! Some nice Japenese gamers killed the wind dragon for me, while I hid in a ditch or ran for my life.

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    Finally beat the last monster Arch Tempered Nergigante... after so,so many close calls pushing him into deathwoes it hadn't cleared as he goes alittle to mental in his den. I'd at least gotten to point where i very rarely cart to him now after seen all his moves so many times, so know when to turtle up. Basically went in with 1 shield,1reload,1 recoil on the stryx HBG but full guard(x5), and 3xVahzY set which gave me 5x dragon attack which was useless to me but also gave full regen to max HP so i could hide behind shield and eat attacks, plan was simple, open each round with exhaust, attack with normal3, slicing and sticky, and when he goes mental with his hardened spikes use sleep ammo to put him down then plant bombs and unleash crap ton of cluster bombs.

    Now i only need to clear it 4 more times to get his full set.

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    Iceborne beta is up for anyone with a psn+ account, 3 monsters to hunt with a couple extra monsters interrupting the hunt as normal. the snow map has a pretty comfy atmosphere and i like all the snow deformation, there's no town hub in the beta, you just matchmake into multiplayer from text menus or jump in to training area.

    As for the added move sets, all weapons get slinger ammo moves and catch claw grapple attacks. Sadly the grapple doesn't work on climbable walls and ledges.

    Biggest changes are Horn getting an extra note to play called echo, during any normal swing hit L2 to do the echo move (spin the horn in you hands) then follow it up with 1 more normal note to get a an echo song, which lays an AoE bubble on the ground for players run into and gain a short buff similar to equipment sprays. They also added echo wave which is a direct damage song, does about 100-150 each time i played it and combo'd it up with r2 extension.

    Other than that Light bow gun in the beta gives a 4th slot and the 2 new mods to play with, evade reload which reload ammo on slide dodge(evading button twice just after shooting), the more mods you stack the more bullets reload on a dodge. The other mod shoots the mine out in front and rocks the player back with a somersault dodge.

    Heavy Bow gun has 2 new mods as well, Heart mod which im not sure what it does, i assume it makes any snipe gun a heart special or just increases the mag size... no idea doesn't explain and the help text for that is on the weaponsmith which isn't in the beta. The snipe mod makes the sniper in to a single bullet which in training did about 530 damage. Scope is available on pressing L2+^+O, this zoom in and gives guaranteed critical hits if you line up the distance correctly, not sure on the disadvantages yet, forgot to test if you evade or shield block with scope on.

    prices are up on the UK store, 32 for standard dlc on it's own, 45 for the vanity items and PSN themes.
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