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  1. #1251
    Had a quick crack at the beta towards the end of the night. The changes to charge blade are really interesting - my guess being that they observed most people using it were loading phials, powering up the shield, and then staying in sword mode and taking the shortcuts to its bigger moves straight from sword mode. Instead now there's a way to power up the axe too, which then makes the standard swings in axe mode hit multiple times and generally do a tonne of damage. In some ways it's an incredibly minor change, but it now means I'm way more tempted to actually spend time fighting in axe mode, which is actually a huge change.

    I've not even begun to comprehend all of the new shenanigans with the slinger and the claw, but they definitely feel like they will make a huge change to the way you fight too.

    Oh, and Tigrex. He's lively for sure - only had a couple of fights against him, but after the first group carted a bunch then timed out, I thought this one came out pretty well comparatively!

    (so darn rusty I forgot to eat! )

  2. #1252
    Missed the beta, but will be buying the DLC regardless. Looking forward to getting our hunt on again!

  3. #1253
    I'll be returning to the beta at the weekend (in between mario maker), as i didn't do jagras. Killing each of the monsters gives some vanity items in the full release.

  4. #1254
    He's a tough one, make sure to bring a full party and load up on mega potions.

  5. #1255
    I thought the beta was only last weekend?

  6. #1256
    Quote Originally Posted by kryss View Post
    I thought the beta was only last weekend?
    psn+ only last weekend, everyone this weekend.

  7. #1257
    cleaned out the terrible jagras, and had another go at Tigx with the HBG, you can block in in scope mode, so there's no reason not ever be not in it, as it zoom out for blocks, reloads and dodges, so as long as you keep it in the orange you'll land critical hits (on weak areas).

    Got all my tickets for full release, and pre-ordered the DLC.

  8. #1258
    Latest info, new receals for returning monster and 2 subs, the new Hub area, and how world and the DLC interact with each other.

  9. #1259
    Took AT Nerg down for the 2nd time, 3x HGB and 1 SnS (doing wide range potions), i hide behind my DJO HBD slapping it with normal 3, sticky 3, and sleep/ exhaust, following by poison on being wake up by barralls and cluster volly's. 3 more wins to go to finish his armour, and 2 more after that for evil ryu layer set.

  10. #1260
    I'm really hoping I get to come back for all these big boys when I've got my Iceborne gear


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