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Thread: Living History

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    Living History

    Nabi Tajima currently holds the honour of being the oldest, officially recognised, person in the world at the age of 117 having been born in the year 1900. Putting aside the life experiences that her parents and grandparents will have imparted upon her, she has lived through rapidly changing times and the entirety of modern history within a single lifetime, a lifetime she is still here to experience.

    During her life she has been on this earth during:

    -The Boxer Rebellion
    -The first wireless transmission of Morse Code
    -The Assassination of McKinley, the 25th US President
    -The Death of Queen Victoria
    -The First Nobel Prize
    -The Wright Brothers first flight
    -The Creation of the Ford Motor Company
    -The Construction and decades later destruction of Pearl Harbour
    -The First Men to Arrive at the North Pole
    -The Sinking of the Titanic
    -The fall of the Last Emperor of China
    -World War I
    -The Death of Rasputin
    -The Founding of the RAF
    -The Introduction of Daylights Saving Time
    -The First Winter Olympics
    -The Death of Harry Houdini
    -The Creation of Mount Rushmore
    -The Discovery of Penicillin
    -Mickey Mouse's First Appearance

    Then she had her 30th Birthday

    -The Great Depression
    -The Completion of the Empire State Building
    -Amelia Earhart's disappearance
    -Bonnie and Clyde
    -The Hindenburg
    -The First Launch of Superman
    -World War II
    -The Fall of Mussolini
    -The Creation of the UN
    -The Founding of the NHS
    -James Bond is Created
    -Stalin's Death
    -Disneyland is Opened
    -McDonald's Opens its First Restaurant
    -Elvis Releases his First Single
    -The Berlin Wall is Built
    -The Cuban Missile Crisis
    -The Assassination of John F Kennedy
    -Doctor Who's First Episode Airs
    -The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
    -Man Walks on the Moon

    She probably retired at some point now.

    We're at a point that all too many people don't reach sadly, her 70th Birthday and here we are nearing 48 years later without even touching on events such as Nixon, the computer age or the fact that Obama would only be 9 years old by this point.

    Whilst Tajima won't have had any direct connection to any of these events it remains none the less an impressive testament to mankinds modern evolution as to just how much times have changed.

    What are the world events from your life so far that stand out from your experiences, would you want to reach a similar age as Tajima and how do you envisage the world to be at that point?

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    Here is the hugest thing for me: we are the only generation to know what life was like before the Internet and also after the Internet. We have witnessed both. In history, I think that is going to turn out to be a unique moment in time.

    Not sure it's going to get more interesting than that.

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    The world by then will be a stinking digital cess pool not too far of the world deus ex envisioned with the Augs and regular humans duking it out as shadowy corporations engage in ever cut throats practices to gain market share and more and more people will attempt to escape reality as it stands in any way they can as life will simply be so horrendous all round.

    *skips off happily*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    What are the world events from your life so far that stand out from your experiences, would you want to reach a similar age as Tajima and how do you envisage the world to be at that point?
    Probably, one of the biggest, most mind-altering moments in history that I can remember is the moment I discovered that not only was Jimmy Krankie not a boy, but a woman and she's married to Ian Krankie.

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    I spat my coffee out reading that QC!

    Explaining to my niece a while back about growing up with no mobile phones, or internet... Then mentioned watching snooker with my grandad in black and white. Her face was one of pure confusion! Why would anyone create a black and white TV?

    I think the internet is a big one, we're now relying on it (for better or worse) like it's a necessity in our lives and whilst being a lover of video games and technology in general I think our generation understands more than the younger population how important it is not to take it for granted and also take a break from when possible.

    He says writing on his smart phone whilst travelling on a train....

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    Another life-changing memory that I'll never forget was watching on television the misfortunes of a man who had lost everything when his employers decided to gamble with his livelihood and strip him of everything he held dear and he learns that there's so much more to life when people show compassion to each other, hardly understanding how a woman who barely knew him would give him a roof for the night.
    Then Jamie Lee Curtis took her top off.

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    Wait, really? That's not how I remember it going. I thought he went and held up a fast food place and maybe killed a Nazi and got a birthday present for his kid and I definitely don't remember that last part.

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    I don't remember any of those things.

    Just a couple of other things were etched in my young mind...

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    This image is of something that has eluded mankind for a long time and also something that will tweak those not big on non

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    Reminded of this thread on Monday. We went to Salford Quays for an hour or two with the kids and passed a little time by going into the World War I Museum, there's not really a lot in there but the initial area covers a wider scope of war related items than WWI and when you walk past the first wall you turn to see the waiting exhibit, a twisted wreck of steel girders. The girders are a window section of the World Trade Centre recovered from the remains. They don't really resemble a buildings window anymore but given the small area they represent it's a bit like when I saw the hull section of the Titanic on display years back - it towered above you and yet comprised probably 0.02% of the ships mass.


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