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    I purchased an Xbox One controller to use with the Mac and I’ve got a code to get 3 months of Gamepass for 19.99 instead of 32.99, and one for 3 months of Gold Live for 10.99 instead of 17.99... if anyone wants either or both PM me.

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    Hyper light Drifter and Mutant war zero are free on Epic store

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    Fez now free on epic game store

    Next week will have Celeste and Inside

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    Mirror's Edge Catalyst Dynamic Theme

    This dynamic theme was originally a pre-order exclusive. A user at ResetEra made a post asking EA for the possibility to buy it. Somewhat surprisingly, that post was noticed and the theme was made available to all for free.

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    What he said lol
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    Endless Space Collection free from Humble Bundle for the next 41 hours.

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    Epic game store, Free Batman Arkham collection and lego batman trilogy

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    Downwell for Android is currently free on Google Play.


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