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    The Free Digital Stuff Thread

    Shadow of the Colossus Dynamic Theme (PS4)

    Go to
    Login using your US PSN account details.
    Check the 'Quests' tab on the right-hand side.
    Watch two short videos and you should see a button to reveal a code.

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    Some free PS4 stuff available from the BANDAI NAMCO Store:

    Dark Souls III The Ringed City Theme (Dynamic)
    Dark Souls III Transitory Lands Theme (Dynamic) *
    Project CARS 2 Theme (Dynamic)
    TEKKEN 7 Theme (Dynamic)
    Little Nightmares Tengu Mask DLC **
    Little Nightmares Fox Mask DLC **

    * Also freely available from the US PSN Store.
    ** These are also available for PC and Xbox One.

    While I'm at it, the Dark Souls III Inventory Theme (Static) can be had for free from the UK PSN Store.

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    As part of GOG's Chinese New Year Sale, The King of Fighters 2002 will be free until 15/Feb, 2 p.m.

    It reviewed rather poorly but it should be worth zero, right?

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    Now it's Dungeons II that GOG is giving away (until 18/Feb, 2 p.m.).

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    Amnesia Collection (i.e., Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs) is currently free on Steam. Under the first link, look for a green button with the words "Install Game" to claim this offer.

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    HITMAN's Episode 2: Sapienza will be free for a limited time as part of the HITMAN Spring Pack (PS4 / Xbox One).

    Not that it matters now but there was a similar pack around December offering Episode 1: Paris for free.

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    20% off one purchase at the US PlayStation Store

    Go to
    Login using your US PSN account details.
    Check the 'Quests' tab on the right-hand side.
    There are four videos you can watch. Watching the first three will unlock 'stuff' for MLB The Show 18, while watching the last one will award the discount code (which expires on 31/March/2018).


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