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    Rather surprisingly, Too Human for the Xbox 360 was recently relisted and is currently free. There's also a piece of free DLC for it, the Too Human Pre-Order Armor Sets, as well as two themes.

    The Japan map for Steep can be had for free from the in-game store until tomorrow at 1 p.m. This map is part of the Road to the Olympics DLC but it won't allow for the unlocking of any of its achievements or trophies.

    The Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC for Borderlands 2 is currently free (until 8/Jul, 8 a.m.). Here are the links to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of it.

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    Wonder if Too Human and EDF 2017 are just a case of being delisted soon. Anyway netted EDF 2017 which I hadn't seen was free. Ty.

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    I have a d/l code for a free PC game... no idea what’s on the list as I don’t want to sign up just to look. If there’s anything that does interest anyone, PM for code.

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    If anyone is getting the new Attack on Titan game, a bunch of costumes are free on the PSN store.

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    SQUARE ENIX MUSIC Dynamic Themes Bundle

    - shizuka -

    - akari -

    These have been available on the JP PSN Store for a while and were just added to the US PSN Store. So far, they haven't been made available on the UK one.

    The - shizuka - theme music is an ambient rendition of Prelude from Final Fantasy, while the - akari - theme music is Daryl's Epitaph from Final Fantasy VI.

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