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    If you happen to have Twitch prime, they're giving away a load of SNK games.

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    Ark and samurai shodown collection free on Epic store

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    Hitman: Absolution is currently free on GOG (until 15/Jun, 2 p.m.).

    Claim it from the banner on the frontpage.

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    Some devs at Nintendo made a Switch game called Jump Rope Challenge in their spare time to help them keep active during lockdown. Nintendo have published it for free on Switch.

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    Apparently, if you have Witcher 3 on any platform, you can get it added to your account for free.

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    The Eye of the Beholder Trilogy is currently free on GOG (until 19/Jun, 6 p.m.).

    Claim it from the banner on the frontpage.

    Regarding some of the above, Jump Rope Challenge won't be available after the end of September 2020 and the option to claim The Witcher III for free lasts until 23/Jun, noon.

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