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    Quote Originally Posted by JazzFunk View Post
    Any more free games on 360 like this?
    Crackdown and Crackdown 2 are both still free, as well as all DLC for them. It was rather cool of Microsoft to give these away.

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    Cool!!!! I haven't played 2 in yonks, will be nice to have access to it without hunting down the disc from the spare room.

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    Serial Cleaner is currently free on the Humble Store (until 24/Nov, 6 p.m.).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deuteros View Post
    Serial Cleaner is currently free on the Humble Store (until 24/Nov, 6 p.m.).
    I think its back to 2.99 now

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    Wasteland 2 Director's Cut Digital Classic Edition (which includes the original Wasteland) is currently free on GOG (until 13/Dec, 2 p.m.).

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    QubicGames is giving away 10 of their games for the Switch. You need to own one of their other games before the 15th of December to qualify. More details here.

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    ...I actually paid for Robotnauts when it was $0.64 or something silly. Hopefully I can still get the rest of the games.

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    You're good. From the FAQ:

    What countries is the giveaway available in?

    Giveaway is available for North America, Europe and Australia.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure you take part in the giveaway using the same profile the whole time set to the same region. If you change profiles, regions etc we won’t be able to detect that you have all the required games to keep taking part in the giveaway.

    If you already have Robonauts you should download all next games via the same region and profile from which you downloaded Robonauts.
    Be sure to claim every other free game starting from the 16th, though.

    You need to keep up and download each game for free on the day it’s available in order to make sure the next day’s game turns into a free download for you.

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    Geki Yaba Runner is FREE today as per the above deal.


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