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Thread: Westworld

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    This is good news, but I hope they don't do a "Lost" on us and have pointless story threads.
    I hope they have a set goal in mind with an unbloated number of seasons to get there.

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    We started watching this on Friday night and have worked through the first six episodes, really enjoying it. The problem now though, is that Now TV seems to be missing episodes 7&9 from season 1, what's that all about????

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    My dad is far from a sci-fi geek, so he doesn't tend to like the genre, but I remember him going crazy about the first series of Westworld. He was always phoning me talking about the characters and telling how much he thought Ed Harris is a great actor. Now he's mad about series 2 and keeps asking me to explain certain things, because it's quite a complex story full of details that can go over your head.

    He even bought a Westworld T-shirt last week.
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    Thankfully episodes 7&9 reappeared yesterday, so weird. Watched another last night, loving this show, best thing we’ve watched in a while. I might be annoying my wife by figuring out the plot twists before her though.

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    I can't believe there are only 15 posts about this show, it's absolutely the best thing I've watched in years!

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    Only just watched the latest episode, just WOW. I mean it really was some of the best tv Ive ever seen, a perfect episode.

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    It was absolutely gripping, wasn't it? The acting was phenomenal, and from a non primary actor for the bulk of it. My wife and I just looked at each other after it and both pretty much said, "Wow, this is just so ****ing well written.".

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    Not only did he carry the entire episode singlehandedly but he also took a massive poop on every other performance (which has also been brilliant) in both series while he was at it.

    Gets off seat, claps actor and walks out of room, were done here people!

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    I think Hopkins and Newton have been outstanding as well. The one person I do have an issue with is Evan Rachel Wood, I just can't take to her at all.


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