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Thread: Westworld

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    Just finished the last episode of S2. Once again the show found a way to smack me round head and teach me that I really didn’t know it all nor did I see that end scene coming.

    It REALLY, REALLY! Shows you what a head fook digital memories can be and the writers, and actors, have used it absolutely, positively, unequivocally, in a real genuinely new way to twist everything you think your watching.

    10/10 fishbowls.

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    Finale on finale the show has lost 30% of its audience between S1 and S2. Hopefully that's not a trend and it gets to tell the remaining three seasons.

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    Despite the more mixed response Season 2 drew, the showrunners have said they won't be changing course and the third run will introduce a lot of changes but sticking to the five year plan.

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    The “critics” can shove it. Change nothing and stick to the plan.

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