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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    Word is Treyarch will be releasing Black Ops 4 as this years entry with the sci-fi elements dialled back

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    Now official with a full reveal on May 17th and a release date a full month earlier than usual of 12 October. Seems there'll be no attempt at a Switch version.

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    They've not shown anything yet but if the biggest USP is that this is the first CoD to be released in October I'm not holding out much hope!!

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    It raised a smile when the date came up, interesting to see the franchise finally bow to a bigger hitter.

    If BO4 goes back to BO1's era I'll be happy. No more wall running nonsense. Solid as the third game was it was a step back and had the worst single player of the series. This is Treyarchs comeback attempt in many ways.

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    Not bothered... This franchise is all but dead to me so only a miracle would make me change my mind. That said BO1 is still my favourite in the whole franchise and I still play it backwards compatible on the X.

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    If this comes with MW2 remaster I'll buy it day one. Otherwise I'll pick it up when I see it for 30 if the multiplayer is any good. I left CoD for a few years but really enjoyed world war 2

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    Yep, WW2 is an entry where it's not so much that it advances the series but it seems to halt the decline. BO3's multiplayer is good at what it does, it was just a shame that it took the series into territory Black Ops didn't need to so it ended up feeling like it abandoned what made the previous two so popular. Black Ops should have always left the future setting well alone. If Treyarch move back in that direction this could easily be the best entry in years.

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    There's a rumour knocking around that BO4 is set five years before the events of BO2 which would mean Treyarch is aiming to strip the game back away from its wall running turn in the last game and to recreate the level they were at when they used more real world weaponry but with some advanced tech elements.

    I'm happy with that but I won't lie, I'd have been happier with BO1 era.

    If Sledgehammer are now focusing on WWII era settings and Treyarch are still angling for near future, hopefully it means IW will gear themselves back to present day with something closer to the Modern Warfare strand of entries.

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    Rumour that Raven is working on a Battle Royale mode for BO4 and that Activision has completely cut the single player component of the game

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    One of the Eurogamer staffers just tweeted that they've heard the previous BR mode, no SP style rumours are all false


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