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Thread: Metroid Prime 4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    I mean, I'm fine with this because like Dogg Thang says, there was never anything to it for fans in the first place but a logo.
    I don't quite follow your logic. I mean, if that was true, I'm not OK with that being their level of progress when the game was announced so long ago. Resetting the clock does two things - firstly, it pushes back the release of the game, and secondly, it suggests Nintendo had a reasonable-sized team who were tied up for quite a while who have produced nothing for it, and it's a widely-discussed topic that while their games have been pretty amazing lately, we would all like to see more.

    Still, I think it's a wise decision for them, i.e. to "take it on the chin" rather than simply delay again - and it does mean the game will hopefully be all the better for it when it eventually comes out.

    Quote Originally Posted by Team Andromeda View Post
    Time to sell the Switch then
    Harsh, but I can see why you'd say that. It leaves a hole in their 2019. I was expecting this to be unveiled at E3 to come out in October and be this year's Mario Odyssey. Now they'll have to lead with Animal Crossing and Pokemon. Both good franchises, but we've seen very little of either, and the information about the latter has been conflicting; I think AC will play it quite safe, but who knows what Pokemon will be like.

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    I feel like there was little reason to believe there was much more than a logo when the game was released. WiiU software development had long been waning, the Switch was clearly released way too early and the whole announcement had an air or appeasing a more core audience who were asking what was coming for them a bit like the WiiU reveal of Bayonetta 2 that was taken as a positive step forward in intent for Nintendo towards core gamers but turned out to be the only step they were making.

    MP4 has always had a void of information that was absolute, almost beyond other Nintendo reveals were you might get a simple cutscene for a game that after delays hits 2-3 years later. 18 months later and here we are, I don't doubt it exists in some form somewhere or at least did before Nintendo shelved that incarnation of it but 110% I don't believe for one second that 2019 or likely even 2020 was remotely on the cards for release even if it was still on track. It's been a similar time frame for Yoshi and that is a smaller production and was revealed in a clearer way.

    For fans, if the game wasn't coming together 18 months in then it's nice Nintendo has been so upfront. They could have very easily shelved it quietly. The big concern though is that there's nothing else that caters for that audience lined up, Bayonetta 3 is probably closest but its a very niche offering. A shame they still leave other franchises dormant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    I feel like there was little reason to believe there was much more than a logo when the game was released.
    Yeah, and cynically I thought that too. As always though, you expect the worst but hope for better, and I think many of us were hoping they were biding their time and making sure their message was totally on-point, to avoid what happened with Federation Force, and they were going to smash it at E3 with an announcement even higher tier than the FFVII remake or Shenmue III.

    I mean, we might've assumed that Nintendo were just touting a logo and maybe a bit of behind-the-scenes work, but that doesn't mean we should've been happy to find out that was true.

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    Makes sense to have a system seller on Switch 2, and fair play if it was in a bad state.

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    Imo this never got past the concept stage. Namco spent 18 months pulling together concepts which Nintendo noped until they took they took the decision to pull it away from them. When they announced the logo, they obviously really did only have a logo.

    This will be a cross gen release now most likely as others have said.

    I think the communications from Nintendo on this have been totally on point though.

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    Is there any one like me? I played and loved Metroid Prime 1 to death. Couldn't get into 2 and 3.

    I'm starting to doubt whether this game is going to beat the first for me too. Im half thinking we need a new 2D outing,

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    I completed 1 and 3 but never got into 2.

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    I'd sooner have this (Metroid Prime Trilogy remaster and/or Metroid 4) than the upcoming (much rumoured) Yearful-of-Mario remakes, but is Nintendo even bothering to pretend these are happening any more?

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    Well, 2021 will be Metroids 35 Anniversary year too so the Trilogy could always pop out then


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