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Thread: Metroid Prime 4

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    Metroid Prime 4

    Eurogamer says sources have confirmed the rumours that Bandai Namco Singapore is the the studio behind Metroid Prime 4. It also adds a little bit if weight to the idea that the game will not be a 2018 release as it's said to be early in development.

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    It's still just a title isn't it

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    No! They also have a logo. A title and a logo are 90% of what it takes to make a game.

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    Singapore is no place make a good game. However by my logic Tokyo shouldn't be, either.

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    Word is Bandai Namco Japan will now lead on Metroid Prime 4 whilst the Singapore arm focuses on another project, presumably RR8

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    Basically starting development from scratch and going to Retro Studios

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    Fair play for the balls to do this I guess...

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    Wait so itís not even begun development? Jesus Nintendo are slower than planets forming.

    The game should be near release not JUST STARTING dev.


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