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Thread: Everdrive

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    How does Everdrive work? Is it the usual ROMs that you'd use for emulation? Or is it something else? I guess what I'm asking really is "is it perfect"?

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    Won't work with games that needed super fx such as yoshi's Island

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    Good info. How about the N64 version?

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlesr View Post
    Good info. How about the N64 version?
    I heard Banjo Tooie is the only game which doesn't work.

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    There are a couple of games that don't work on v2 and earlier, v3 I think can do almost all of them.

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    It amusing how everdrive for some reason isn't met with the "piracy! Boo! Hiss!" response that every other flashcart or rom playing device was over the years. Quite odd.

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    Here you mean? I think the issue with the ds carts was that Nintendo were very aggressive about dealing with sites that promoted them so we were super cautious.

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    Just as I said. Flash carts and the like were looked down upon as the realm of filthy pirate nogoodniks for ages and ages but once the Everdrive came along (and only the Everdrive seemingly) folks all across the boards were extolling it's virtues and convenience like it wasn't just another device for playing ROMs. Krkizz had good pr in that respect

    Just seemed a bit odd really how folks vibed to this one brand so much and happily yarrrd. Maybe the crazy increase in retro prices had something to do with it but still a bit odd.

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    Yeah, odd. The neo sd system is similarly allowed a pass.


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