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Thread: Everdrive

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    As long as no one on the forum is collecting money from other forum members for things not in their possession, it's ok.

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    Super. That is and was the plan because it's cheaper and eaiser that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by replicashooter View Post
    Just as I said. Flash carts and the like were looked down upon as the realm of filthy pirate nogoodniks for ages and ages but once the Everdrive came along (and only the Everdrive seemingly) folks all across the boards were extolling it's virtues and convenience like it wasn't just another device for playing ROMs. Krkizz had good pr in that respect

    Just seemed a bit odd really how folks vibed to this one brand so much and happily yarrrd. Maybe the crazy increase in retro prices had something to do with it but still a bit odd.
    I do think at lot of it has to do with the big market price increase on used games, especially cartridges. Some fairly run of the mill SNES stuff is going for megabucks now-a-days.

    That also goes along with stuff like the Virtual Console not really being all that great. It now feels more like game preservation that piracy.

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    I might grab one of the GBA with a backlight from china and one of these. Did you guys order?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tokyochojin View Post
    I might grab one of the GBA with a backlight from china and one of these. Did you guys order?
    Not yet, the guys currently sold out and awaiting a restock.

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    Does anyone know if this will fit with the lid closed on a Duo-R?

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    Yep. And nobody will be able to tell you're a tight arse that way too. Worked for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    Thanks for confirming

    This seems like the only solution I have of ever affording the good stuff for the PCE.

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    You should pick up one of those super SD system 3 doofers mate, awesome bit of kit.


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