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Thread: Six Nations

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    Welsh team played better as the game went on if you ask me. Yes I think the TMO decision was incorrect but move on and get on with it. Defensively I think both teams were lucky with their .
    I don't think so, the ball was knocked forward before the try if you ask me and I'm sick to death of Wales not being able to take their chances in their BIG games. I can't wait for the Rugby on Saint Paddy days, more so as I'm out in GODs country for it.
    Looking forward to having a drink with the some of the family in Waterfood watching the Rugby.

    Have to say well done to Scotland, they are playing fab Rugby and got a nice young and up and coming side

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    Yeah the Scots looked great and it's nice to have a six nations where no one side is really dominating. Having earned another bonus point yesterday I wonder if it'll play a part for Wales as this years games wrap up.

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    Watching France vs Italy. Would love Italy to win. And as I type tnat's a try! Go on liddle Italy!

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    Great last few minutes in the Ireland vs Wales game. Now watching Scotland vs England. Scotland playing very well so far.

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    Yeah, Scotland have been ace in the first half.

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    Glad to see they seem to have their form back from the autumn. If they win this and score another try they’ll be joint second with EnglandEngland, it Wales. behind Ireland. And they play Ireland next!
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    Two fantastic games of rugby for entertainment today. Not sure my heart can take many more like ours though.


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