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    The 4-500 LG’s I looked at in Currys had awful picture quality, which I was surprised at as I love the 60” LG we have at home. Samsung and Panasonic were definitely miles ahead.

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    The TVs in Currys will be setup in the silly shop mode most manufacturers push. Go back and bung them on cinema mode or equivalent.
    LG TVs will have Web OS which is the top dog of TV UIs and likely feature an IPS panel. Great for viewing angles but not quite as good for blacks as the VA panels Samsung use.
    But VA panels are poor for viewing angles so it depends on where your TV will be positioned relative to the seats in the room.

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    Personally, I'd get the biggest telly in your budget to increase that wow factor for visitors.

    Most people aren't going to be bothered if the telly is 4K or whatnot, some won't even turn it on, but think about when you walk into a hotel and there's a tiny telly in the corner of the room or some impressive flatscreen behemoth.

    At best, they're going to want to plug in something to the HDMI slot (laptop, camera, Amazon Firestick), so it really doesn't need to be fully equipped.

    Obviously, don't get Polaroid or some unknown brand like Viewzatronic (made that up), but maybe get an end-of life bargain that's new, but no longer being produced by the manufacturer.
    Plenty of places do this. In fact, I was following a van last night that delivered tellies that were end-of-life and thought "I must remember the website".

    I forgot the website!

    Somebody like this, though:

    47" LG 249

    48" Panasonic 329

    48" Samsung 349

    49" LG 369

    55" JVC 369

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    Gotta recomend the LG's if going cheap, got one for my ma and one for our new office at work in a similar range and pic quality had been very sound and the web os a dream to use.

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    Should be some bargains around at the moment as all the 2018 ranges were launched at CES last month.

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    Can't go wrong with a Sony
    Personally I wouldn't touch an LG or Phillips, too many of their products have broken for me in the past.

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    I have always bought Sony TVs, but recently picked up an LG set for my wife's front room, very impressed with it, we needed a TV with built in free-sat so couldn't go with the equivalent Sony model, but this turned out to be excellent, and comes with the web-os remote which makes using the built in Prime or Netflix apps super easy as it acts kind of like a Wiimote, which makes me jealous as the interface on my Sony is so clunky:

    LG 43UJ750V 43"

    We got it from Very as they sent us a 20% off voucher so paid just under 400 quid, plus the delivery.. but I have seen it for similar prices since then..

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    May as well bump this thread.

    Any good resources for TV reviews? Specifically I'm looking for something about 24-27 inches and 1080p that's good for gaming/blu-ray watching.

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    HDTV Test is my go to, although not sure they often review TVs in that size bracket. Vincent Teoh really knows his stuff. Lyris used to write a lot of the articles on there.


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