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    Excuse the all caps, trying to grab some attention haha!

    More of a PSA, as per the title- before Christmas I was chatting about buying a DC from someone, sadly I couldnít get the money/permission from the missus...

    Now I can, and with the great forum wipe- I lost my PMís!!

    My poor memory has failed me once again and I canít remember who it was I was talking too!!

    If that person sees this, can they give me a shout please
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    Even better...! I’ve been told by absolutely no one that you can post away in here to keep it at the top of the page, so there’s more chance of the person seeing it!!

    Wow, what a deal!
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    It was me, the price we agreed on was £500 i think?


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    If only it were that simple haha

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    Dreampants. Sorry I just sold the last pair. Honestly though, you may have dodged a bullet. Someone wore them for work and they are in real trouble now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by endo View Post
    * talking to.
    Don’t know what you’re talking too ... erm about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrKirov View Post
    Don’t know what you’re talking too ... erm about.
    Me to.

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    What you are about to see next will break the internet (click on cleavage thumbnail).


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