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    Mini bump as evening sets in so more people might see it

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    MrKirov: "Alexa, who was I talking to about buying a Dreamcast from?"

    Alexa: "PAL Dreamcast has been added to basket (£999) would you like to checkout?"

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    On a serious note, if you want US region free Dreamcast console, there is a guy selling them for a decent price on Arcade Otaku. Recapped with battery mod.

    EDIT: Added Link:
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    I was hoping for a nice minty/decent boxed one that I can keep tbh. I’ve got one, but it’s duffed up and I’m not sure it’ll last. One of them just stops reading discs after a few minutes - my search has been long and hard, which is why I just want a decent one now haha

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    Could possibly have been me?

    I can sort you out with a nice JP Machine if that’s your flavour and a possible repair on your existing machine. Pop me a PM


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